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tv   Today  NBC  February 2, 2012 7:00am-11:00am EST

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. good morning, betting on newt? donald trump reportedly set to endorse newt gingrich in the presidential race today, as gop front-runner, mitt romney, deals with a backlash to this controversial comment. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor, we have a safety net there. >> this morning, what he's saying about the critism. deadly riot -- soccer fans rush the field after a match in egypt, attacking each other with makeshift weapons. at least 74 people are dead, hundreds are injured. and this morning, police and military are being blamed for failing to stop it. and why wait until sunday? an exclusive first look at the super bowl ads that will have all of america talking today, super bowl ads that will have all of america talking today, february 2nd, 2012.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, it is groundhog day, i'm ann curry. >> and i'm matt lauer. donald trump has a talent for popping up in politics and a good knack for self-promotion. >> insiders are saying that trump will throw his support behind newt gingrich in the gop race. on the heels of his sound defeat in florida, would a trump endorsement be a coupor the former house speaker, heading into saturday's caucuses in nevada. >> and also ahead, listen to this, and unusual legal maneuver that experts say could be a first. a wealthy florida man is facing
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a very costly wrongful death lawsuit tied to a drunk driving accident. well, apparently to protect his fortune, he's now legally adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend, that set off a firestorm in the legal community. we're going to have more on that coming up. also this morning, some bad news for women who have a love affair with high heels. in one of the first studies of its kind, high-heeled shoes have now been found to permanently change the way we walk, even if you're not wearing them. so we're going to explain even when you're not wearing them. we'll explain what nsa all about. let's begin with the presidential race. what could be a headline-grabbing endorsement for newt gingrich today. peter alexander is out in las vegas with more. peter, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you, it is one cold and windy morning in las vegas and newt gingrich's is hoping the campaign cycle is changing. he's expected to get the endorsement from donald trump in
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las vegas at his own hotel. after the drubbing in florida, newt gingrich is hoping the donald can give him the hot hand. he's been the wild card in this republican race. and today, donald trump plays headlines, welcoming the candidates to las vegas. spotlighting his own announcement as the main event. >> this really amazing, whoa! >> for months, trump flirted with a presidential run. >> will you say at this moment it is unlikely that you will run? >> i would rather endorse somebody and have that somebody beat barack obama. because he has been a terrible president. >> and like a self-proclaimed king-maker, trump hosted a parade of candidates in new york. when he welcomed newt gingrich in new york, the two exchanged compliments. >> it's a great honor to have newt gingrich. it's amazing how well he's doing. >> donald trump is a great showman, a great businessman. if we're trying to figure out how to create jobs, one of the
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difference between my party and the other party is we actually go to people who know how to create jobs, to figure out how to create jobs. >> back on the trail, front-runner mitt romney stumbled out of the gate of staging his las vegas arrival. >> i'm so happy to be back in nevada. >> romney and his team are back in damage control mode after this comment on wednesday that unleashed a firestorm of criticism. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. if it needs repair, we'll fix it. i'm not concerned about the very rich, they're doing just fine. >> opponents and detractors pounced with conservative websites lashing out. including one headline that read, what's wrong with this guy. on his flight to vegas, romney tried to explain himself. >> you've got to take the whole comment and change the whole statement. >> gingrich sure noticed. >> i am fed up with politicians in either party dividing americans against each other.
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i am running to be the president of all the american people and i am concerned about all of the american people. >> it wasn't romney's only distraction of the day. he was greeted in minnesota by a pair of glitter bombs from gay rights protesters. >> i'm happy for a little celebration. this is confetti. we just won florida! we're going to win the white house next. >> and as for the gaffes, it's not the first time for mitt romney. remember he said corporations are people, when there was a $10,000 bet during the debate. that's part of the problem, one more item that could go onto the president's re-election greatest hits reel against romney. and it has one more thing that has conservatives scratching their heads. >> peter alexander in las vegas. joe scarborough is host of msnbc's "morning joe," good to see you. you're laughing already. >> they're doing more than scratching their heads. conservatives are wringing their hands. really? you say you like firing people?
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now you say -- i mean he's playing into the worst stereotypes. >> is in the habit of tripping over his own tongue. >> he does on the worst issue. on whether he can connect with middle class americans. the guy is fabulously wealthy. he's admitted paying about 15% in taxes over the past couple of years. these sort of statements, as rush limbaugh says, plays into the prototypical biases against rich republican candidates. >> what was fascinating to me, in the exit polling coming out of florida, when the voters were asked which candidate best understands the problems of the average person, mitt romney fared best with 34%. so is it just sliding off his back? >> i don't think it's going to slide off his back. you know, in south carolina exit polls showed that people there thought that newt gingrich is the most electable in the general election. so you can throw the exit polls away. the real problem here is that republicans don't know who to support. they thought romney had the best shot against barack obama. they thought that this was a year that they were going to win big. and now they've got two
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candidates who are front-runners, who are obviously flops. >> let's talk about the endorsement happening this afternoon in las vegas with donald trump. i've always been a bit baffled about why the gop candidates felt a need to pay courtesy call to donald trump. i never saw him as a king-maker. what does this endorsement do for newt gingrich? >> there may be the beginning of a narrative, that outsiders, republicans are outsiders, are going to start moving away from mitt romney. we were talking about it earlier on our show. this follows if it's followed by a sarah palin endorsement, a rish limbaugh endorsement and others who are wary of mitt romn romney. by itself, i'm sure that newt would rather donald open up the check book and write a couple million dollars. >> you gave me a laundry list. who is the endorsement that they both really want. >> marco rubio. but mainly jeb bush is the guy
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that's the king maker. this is what's so frustrating for republicans. waking up on groundhog day, i understand we could be interrupted at any time if news breaks in pennsylvania. here we are, only 5% of the delegates have been awarded. we've got 46 states to go, and yet people are already saying you're stuck with mitt romney. or you're stuck with newt gingrich. and most republicans are saying, really? is that all we've got? here again, when unemployment is over 8%, and barack obama has added $5 trillion to the national debt. is this how it's going to end up? it's very depressing for the republican party. >> you talk about how early it is. if mitt romney were to win every delegate from nevada on, he couldn't get the total by april 24th. it's nasty. who in the republican party, if this continues to be a blood bath, is powerful enough to step in and say, guys, stop it. we have a general election to
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worry about? >> nobody. there is no republican establishment any more. there is no democratic establishment any more. we saw that four years ago when barack obama stepped in front of hillary clinton. and bill clinton and got the nomination. so these establishment figures don't exist, they can walk out of the back room and say, guys, sit down, calm down, let's be peaceful. >> you wrote in colorful terms that newt gingrich is a survivor, i won't go into your quote. can he go 46 more states? >> that depends on whether a certain guy in las vegas wants to keep writing checks. it all comes down to whether he keeps the super pacs going. last, last summer, a lot of people quit newt's campaign because he wasn't doing the sort of work you have to do to build a national organization. we're now seeing the effect of that. he doesn't have the national organization to go 46 more states, unless he's got millionaires that are going to keep writing big, big checks. >> joe scarborough, thanks for your input.
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7:09, let's go over to ann. >> now to egypt and the deadliest sports trajgedy in tht country's history. 74 killed, hundreds injured when rival soccer fans rioted after a match. we're in cairo with the latest on the story. >> reporter: good morning, ann, it is the single deadliest day since the end of egypt's revolution. many are questioning the military rulers of this country and security officials, parliament is an emergency session, they've been holding all kinds of emergency meetings in egypt. the governor of the city has resigned and some security officials as well. all of this as the political fallout continues. the moment of victory and celebration for the home team that turned violent. minutes after their team lost to a bitter rival, their angry fans allegedly began taunting and insulting the home crowd. who then stormed the field. they attacked a visiting team and their supporters with makeshift weapons.
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security stood by, doing almost nothing to stop the violence. rampaging crowds attacked each other. emergency medical services struggled to treat the injured and the dead. egypt's military was deployed to evacuate players and those wounded back to cairo. the country's defacto ruler vowed to track down those responsible. but many blamed the military and police for once again failing to protect civilians in public spaces. others suggested a more sinister plot, blaming the violence on supporters of the old regime, who are working to destabilize the country and its post-revolution transition to democracy. wednesday's violence is being described as the deadliest sporting tragedy in egypt's history. on thursday, the country's ruling military council ordered three days of national mourning as families grieved and began burying their dead. now, ann, this cuts to the issue of something that's very important here, crime is soaring across the country and many people have lost confidence in the police and the security forces in being able to keep any
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kind of law and order. and when they try to do that, it often turns violent and angers and fuels more protests, so it is a very precarious situation. tensions are running high. protests are expected across the country following the deadly incident on wednesday. back to you, ann. >> thank you so much for your reporting on the story. it is now 7:12, here's matt. rising tension not only in egypt, but across the middle east. and the u.s. appears to be caught in the middle of the turmoil. nbc's chief foreign correspondent, richard engel is with us in new york with details on that. richard, good to see you. >> obviously this is a campaign year and a lot of attention is being focused on domestic politics. but there is a very important looming crisis in the middle east that has a lot of u.s. political figures, u.s. military figures deeply concerned. and it's centered in iran. iran, according to u.s. officials and israeli analysts, could have a testable nuclear weapon in a year and a half. israel, iran's sworn enemy,
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might not wait that long to act, with an attack. israeli leaders are increasingly vocal in warning that iran with a nuclear weapon is a threat to its existence. >> a nuclear-armed iran is a threat to israel, to the region, to the world. >> u.s. military officials and analysts are increasingly worried about a military conflict with iran, perhaps before this summer. a strike, they say, could set back iran's nuclear program. maybe years. but not necessarily stop it. and oil, according to u.s. military estimates, could shoot to $200 a barrel. iran would likely respond to israeli aggression, with a missile retaliation on israel, u.s. interests in the middle east, or according to u.s. intelligence officials, with possible attacks inside the united states. >> the growing concerns that israel has, and that the countries in the region have and indeed all of us have, about the continued activities by iran,
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along a path that could, if the decision is made to pursue the construction of a nuclear device. >> tensions with iran are decades old. but dramatically increased over new year's. the united states imposed tough new sanctions. the sanctions punished nations for trading with iran. iran's customers are already canceling orders for oil. china is demanding reduced prices. for iran, it may be unsustainable. something has to give. and iran is only one of the challenges in the middle east. and they're all intertwined. in syria, iran's ally, the government is fighting for survival. its security forces have killed thousands of demonstrators. u.s. military officials say syria is also unsustainable. and this year will turn. it's unclear how. in egypt, the muslim brotherhood, the world's oldest islamic group, is dominating the
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new parliament. so much for jeffersonian democracy, sprouting from the old arab spring. washington is trying not to isolate the new brother rood. >> i think if we see democratic change in the arab world, probably the new democratic governments are going to be more critical of foreign policy in the region. >> an attack on iran is by no means a foregone conclusion. even some israeli officials are divided on the subject. and i've been told that the u.s. military is trying to encourage israel not to do it they want to see if the sanctions can work and there's still some belief that the sabotage efforts that have been taking place inside iran are having an impact. >> especially against their nuclear scientists. >> their nuclear scientists, weapons facilities and i thimplg we'll see more of them. and there's also this possibility that if the sanctions don't work, the israelis may lose patience with this and decide to act on their own. >> richard, thanks very much for your report. let's check the rest of the
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morning's top stories from natalie at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. rescuers are scrambling to find survivors in the sea off papa knew guinea, after a ferry carrying some 350 people sank off the coast of the island. 230 people have been pulled from the waters so far. officials say the ferry capsized in rough seas and was carrying students and teachers in training. an end is in sight for the u.s. combat mission in afghanistan. defense secretary, leon panetta, said american troops will leave afghanistan a full year ahead of schedule. sometime before the end of 2013. and while the withdrawal would be a major milestone in the ten-year war, it does not mean a complete end to u.s. involvement in the region. the pentagon says the u.s. will be open to teaming up with the afghan army in the ongoing fight against the taliban. now let's head to wall street and cnbc's courtney reagan is at the new york stock exchange for us this morning. >> good morning, natalie. wall street will be focused on washington today.
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federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke, will testify before congress about the economy. just a week after pledging to keep interest rates low until at least 2014. meantime, facebook files those papers for its initial public offering. social network giant is looking to raise $5 billion when the shares begin trading under the ticker symbol fb, sometime in april or may. very few shares will be available to the general public. most go to pension or mutual funds instead. at least at the initial offering price, natalie. back to you. >> courtney reagan, thanks so much. we'll have more on that coming up later. well first she got jay leno to eat his veggies and she got ellen degeneres to drop and give her 20. first lady michelle obama took her healthy eating crusade to the "ellen" show. the two faced off in a push-up competition and the first lady took first place, with 28 push-ups. ellen says she let mrs. obama win. the episode airs today.
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i think she has us all beat, i would say that. it's 7:17 right now back over to matt, ann and al. >> now we know how she gets those beautiful arms. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> she's fit, there's no question. >> that's right. >> mr. roker, you look nice today. i don't know why i felt like saying that. >> thank you very much. let's show you what's going on. we've had no winter to talk about, but we're going to going some out west. big storm system getting itself together. punxsutawney, pennsylvania, getting ready for winter as well. there they are. they have top hats on, ready to go. and, of course, punxsutawney -- look at them dancing. wow. ♪ that's frightening, actually. if i were punxsutawney phil, i would stay inside. anyway, let's show you -- got developing winter storm going on. blizzard watches and warnings in the southern rockies. west central plains. this is going to be a system that goes on for the next 48 hours. bringing heavy snow from the
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rockies on into the plains states. with the head of it strong storms. snowfall amounts anywhere from 8 to 14 inches from denver to sioux city between now and saturday. and then ahead of the system we have a risk of strong storms from big spring, texas, all the way up to wichita for the large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornadoes as well. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> a wet start to the thursday. good morning, tom kierein, storm center 4. radar showing some light rain passing just east of washington. now there is another batch coming in from the west and fairfax county and loudoun, prince william, fauquier, and shenandoah valley and mountains. that area of rain should be moving into the metro area over the next hour. right now upper 40s to near 50. near washington, 40s farther west and north. and we will just climb into the mid and upper 50s today unlike yesterday. and then we will g and that's your latest weather. ann? >> thank you. this morning, the entertainment world is mourning the death of "soul train" creator and host,
7:20 am
don cornelius. he was found dead in his california home on wednesday, police say he shot himself. nbc's aditi roy is joining us with more. good morning. >> good morning to you, ann. we're standing here at don cornelius's star on the hollywood walk of fame. people are paying tribute to the man who introduced mainstream america to soul. ♪ ♪ >> it was a beloved tv picture of saturday morning. the so-called hippest trip in america. >> for almost 40 years, great music, good feelings and of course, dancing. >> welcome aboard what is guaranteed to be a most magnificent ride on the "soul train." >> it was one man, don cornelius, who had the inspiration to do for soul music what "american bandstand" had long done for pop. >> on television there was just nothing that was targeted for
7:21 am
minorities. >> cornelius was the creator and host of "soul train" which made its debut on one chicago tv station in 1970. and quickly became a weekend staple for americans all over the country. introducing amazing performers, like aretha franklin. ♪ rock steady, baby >> gladys knight and the pips. ♪ i better wonder how i knew >> and marvin gaye. even giving the jackson five one of their first big breaks. ♪ oh, baby, give me one more chance ♪ to show you that i love you ♪ >> he struck a chord that no one could compete with. so even though other people got on the tracks, there was only one "soul train." >> sadly, cornelius was found shot dead in his home in los angeles early wednesday morning. the l.a. county coroner is calling it a suicide. the final years of his life were touched by sadness. he pleaded no contest to
7:22 am
domestic violence in 2008, eventually going through a very nasty divorce and recently, serious health problems. no is your side note has been found. but the physical pain from his health troubles may have been too much to bear. don cornelius always signed off the air wishing his fans love, peace and soul. >> we wish you love, peace, and soul. >> those same fans are now grieving and hoping he is finally at peace. and "soul train" remains the longest-running nationally syndicated show in history. don cornelius was 75. >> aditi roy, thank you so much. what a ground-breaker, guys. >> i used to watch it on saturday mornings, i'll tell you that. >> that show brought all ages, rac races, everybody together. everybody watched "soul train." >> and think of all the talent that's now mainstream because of his show. >> and think about all the outfits i figured out to
7:23 am
train." >> you're still wearing them. >> we're back with more of "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, a wealthy florida man charged in a deadly drunk driving crash adopts his girlfriend, allegedly to protect his family fortune. we'll explain. plus an exclusive preview of this year's much-anticipated super bowl commercials after your local news. cer ] new vicks nature fusion cold & flu syrup. flavored with real honey.
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powerful cold medicine that leaves out artificial flavors and dyes and instead uses something more natural, honey. new nature fusion cold & flu from vicks. good morning. i'm joe krebs. 7:26 on this thursday, second of february. we have major traffic problems out there for our commuters. zan ella s danella has more. >> traveling northbound i-270, the spur, this is actually coming from the inner loop of the beltway. still have the accident will. on the left side of the roadway. two right lanes able to get by. at last check we are talking about a two-mile backup. crews are hoping to have this cleared. a tow truck is on the scene. hopefully it will be cleared shortly. and traveling 270 southbound, you are jammed from shady grove to the spur. back to you, joe. >> thanks very much. we will take a break now and come back to
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good morning. tom kierein in stormstenter 4. rain on the eastern shore and
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shenandoah valley and few sprinkles in montgomery county. rain is coming down harder. we are in the 40s around the region now. later today into the 50s with sunshine returning. chilly into the weekend.
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as i look at the crowd on gobbler's knob, many shadows do i see. six more weeks of winter it must be! [ cheers and applause ] >> 7:30 now on this thursday morning, february 2nd, 2012, groundhog day, and there you have it, punxsutawney phil predicting after seeing his shadow, six more weeks of winter. but it's the winter we've been having, so that's like spring, anyway. >> or it might mean that winter might actually start. because we haven't really had it, i don't know. >> we trust punxsutawney phil. i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry. >> coming up, new details on what may have led demi moore being rushed to the hospital
7:31 am
last week. just ahead, why her friends feared that her life was in danger long before paramedics were called to her home. also ahead the question a lot of people ask at this time of year, do you watch the super bowl for the football or the commercials? probably about a 50/50 split. if your answer is the ads, you're in for a treat. we'll have an exclusive preview of some of the commercials you'll be seeing on sunday. >> and there's a treat for girls, we want to make that point. but we begin this half hour with a highly unusual legal maneuver that is raising eyebrows. a wealthy florida man has adopted had is girlfriend, apparently to shield his assets in a wrongful death lawsuit. nbc's kerry sanders is in wellington, florida, to explain what's going on. hey, kerry, good morning. >> good morning, ann, this is as unusual as it sounds, and legal scholars say it may be a first. a 48-year-old man, adopting his 42-year-old girlfriend, and calling her his daughter. all in an attempt to shield his
7:32 am
personal fortune in a civil fatal drunk driving case. it might sound like the punch line to a bad joke, but it's true. that's 48-year-old john goodman, standing next to his 42-year-old girlfriend, who is also his daughter. goodman is charged in a drunk driving accident that left a 23-year-old dead. he legally adopted his girlfriend, heather hutchins, personal injury lawyers say, in an effort to shelter his family fortune, in an upcoming civil case. >> i was flabbergasted to learn of it. >> christian and scott smith. >> it is definitely unusual. >> represent scott wilson's family. >> this is very difficult. not knowing what happens. not knowing if he could have been saved. >> deputies say the 23-year-old died when goodman's convertible bentley t-boned wilson's hyundai in 2010 at an intersection in wellington, florida.
7:33 am
it was 1:00 a.m., the road was deserted. investigators later snapped this photo of goodman grinning at he sat in his hospital bed, a nurse had just drawn his blood. prosecutors say goodman's alcohol was .177, more than twice the legal limit. in their reports, traffic homicide investigators say goodman walked away from the scene of the collision. and didn't call 911 for 54 minutes. that's been especially painful for scott wilson's family. because the medical examiner says the 23-year-old did not die in the crash. rather, he drowned in the upside-down car. >> there should have been an attempt by mr. goodman to try to save him. >> goodman, whose family earned their wealth in the air conditioning business, is known worldwide for the famed international polo club in wellington that he built. his net worth is a secret. but his father sold the family company eight years ago, for $1.4 billion. now that goodman's girlfriend is his daughter, she's immediately entitled to a third of his
7:34 am
money. the other two thirds belong to his two biological children. >> as weird as it may seem, as odd as it may seem, it does look as though this is perfectly legal. >> goodman has said he is going to fight these drunk driving charges. he's pled not guilty. and will face the criminal charges next month. now we reached out to his attorneys to see if they would comment on this adoption twist. and they did not return our calls. and ann, if you're wondering now, if he were to have sexual relations with his girlfriend, would that be considered incest. under florida law, that is not the case. because in this case, father and daughter are not close blood relatives. and that's the definition in the florida legal language, they have to be close blood relatives for it to be a crime. >> i actually was wondering, so thanks for answering that question. kerry sanders, it's 7:34, here's
7:35 am
matt. we're learning more this morning about what may have led to demi moore's recent hospitalization. nbc's kristen dahlgren is out in los angeles with the latest. kristen, good morning. >> good morning, matt. when reports surfaced of moore going to the hospital last week, her rep said she was being treated for exhaustion. but in a new issue of "people" magazine, sources close to the star say moore may have been in trouble long before her friends called 911 the night she collapsed. >> she's convulsing. >> demi moore's recent collapse may have been even more frightening than it sounds on the 911 calls. >> what did she take? >> she smoked something. i didn't really see. she's been having some issues lately with some other stuff. >> even the emts said that she looked extremely unhealthy. they thought she was a cancer patient who had been smoking something for the pain. >> in an issue of "people" magazine, sources tell moore tell the magazine friends worried the 49-year-old's life was in danger. her body wasting away in a desperate bid to remain thin and
7:36 am
youthful. >> she had become increasingly fixated on her appearance. not just for the purposes of hollywood, but because she was trying to save her marriage to ashton. >> as her split with kutcher played out in public, moore was seen appearing noticeably gaunt. and she was spotted partying and acting erratically, at one point flashing photographers with then-husband kutcher. publicist michael levine represented moore in the '80s. >> she was ragingly ambitious at 19. one of the things that was the gasoline that drove the engine of this great success was the burning drive. >> the actress was once hollywood's highest paid. and was attempting to restore her career, appearing in recent firms, "margin call" and "another happy day." but when she was hospitalized last week, moore dropped out of a cameo as gloria steinham in "lovelace." in a statement last week, moore's rep said she was seeking
7:37 am
treatment. which friends now hope is enough to help her recover. >> let me tell your viewers really clearly, this is no amy winehouse. this young lady will survive and prosper. she will lie down and rest a while, but she will get up again. >> now we did reach out to moore's reps, they had no new comments on the reports. matt? >> kristen dahlgren out in los angeles, thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> today's weather is brought to you by daisy brand sour cream. a dollop of daisy makes recipes naturally delicious. and good morning, of course punxsutawney phil seeing his shadow and it's your birthday. >> it is. >> have you seen your shadow? >> no. i refuse to see my shadow. >> there you go. what are you seeing right now? >> you. >> good. happy birthday, my friend. have you seen that hat you're wearing? >> no. >> okay, good. let's check your weather. see what's happening. these temphappening.
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these temperatures are crazy. we are talking 21 degrees above normal in st. louis, indy, 19 degrees above normal. 21 degrees above normal in sioux falls, 46 degrees today. 47 in chicago. 67, oklahoma city. rest of the country, we have chilly air to talk about. up into new england with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 30s out in the plains where we will be looking for blizzard-like conditions later. 80s down in southern florida. southern texas. slight risk of strong storms, texas into oklahoma today. heavy snow through the rockies. we are looking at morning showers along the southeastern atlantic states. nice to see you. all right. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. we have had one batch of rain coming overnight. another one moving in from the west. and there's some moderate showers just east of the blue ridge from rappahannock county to charlottesville. closer to washington, fauquier, prince william, fairfax, and montgomery getting light sprinkles. and that area of rain is heading east and we are chillier this morning. certainly a dramatic drop from
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yesterday afternoon down into the 40s in most locations. later today back into the 50s with some sun back. then a chilly pattern friday into up next, an exclusive first look at some of the commercials you'll be seeing on super sunday, right after this. so creamy and delicious? care and dedication. our family-owned company has focused on making... the best-tasting sour cream for over four generations. it's made with farm-fresh cream... that's 100% natural without any additives or preservatives. and no added hormones. so you can feel good knowing every creamy dollop... will bring all your favorite dishes to life. ♪ do a dollop, do-do a dollop of daisy ♪ for just a little money? let's start with a paint we know can do the job. new glidden duo paint plus primer. ♪ one coat does double duty.
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bowl, a preview of the commercials you'll be seeing during the big game. super bowl ads are big business, with an average 30-second spot costing $3.5 million. here with a sneak peek is matt miller, president and ceo of the association of independent commercial producers, matt, good morning to you. $3.5 million, that's a record. and yet, what does it say that all 70 ad spots were sold? >> and quickly. you know, the fact of the matter is, it's not just about the viewing any more, but the hype around, that's amazing. last year, 111 million viewers, the largest tv audience ever. i guarantee this year, music to your ears with the two teams that are playing, we're going to outdo that. all of a sudden here we're looking at you know, it's actually a bargain when you look at the number of eyeballs and amount of attention. >> let's take a look, the first one i want to show you is actually geared for women. might be surprising. it's for h & m. let's take a look. ♪ ♪
7:43 am
>> matt, how many women do we expect to watch this game. >> the fact of the matter is that the game isn't a sporting event. it's an entire cultural phenomenon. so probably about the same as the demographic of women. so we're looking at half women in the audience and we're looking at the fact that look, in past years, proctor and gamble jumped in and started doing tide commercial and realized, hey, you know what, this isn't just about a male audience. this isn't a normal sporting event. >> a lot of expectations on vw, after last year's "star wars" ad. they felt the pressure. let's see what they did. it involves a dog. ♪ ♪
7:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> better than ever. >> no, the dog is funnier than the vader kid. >> cute. a reference to "star wars." >> they had to, didn't they? >> last year, that was one of the most successful commercials we've ever seen, virally and broadcast. i mean last year, if you remember, here we are, it had just released and it was one of the first spots ever released before the game.
7:45 am
it was viewed about 900,000 times online. we played it here on the "today show" and within two hours, we had four million views, it's up to 50 million views on youtube alone. one of the most successful things. you're not going to follow it up directly with you know, the sequel. so they brought in another humanity piece and gave a little tip of the hat to last year. >> cars are big, there are car wars and cola wars, i know regis philbin is involved in another commercial, this one for pepsi max. how key are celebrities? >> celebrities can be very key. you're in a room watching, watching a lot of people. you see a celebrity, all of a sudden, it brings out an image of who they are. as you put them in the right situation, direct them correctly and bring out the right emotions, you have something fantastic. this is a great commercial because it's actually, a takeoff on the old pepsi cola wears from 1996. directed also by joe pinken,
7:46 am
basically the same story line of the coke guy really wanting pepsi and getting caught. >> another celebrity that's going to turn heads all across america is a supermodel, adriana lima. let's take a look at the commercial she made for kia. ♪ ♪ ♪ mr. sandman ♪ bring me a dream ♪ make him the cutest that i've ever seen ♪ >> she also makes another one that's going to really cause men to, i think stop. this one is going to stop them in their tracks. there's another one that is pretty amazing as well that she does. she's making a mark. >> well, when you're hot, you're hot, something like that. >> i wish we could run the david beckham ad one more time, actually. but it kind of goes and tells us why we should probably not go to
7:47 am
the kitchen during the commercials. >> the commercials keep getting more and more popular. this year so many are released ahead of time. hoping to get this sort of traction and get a lot of people interested. and then, actually be in the know during the game. >> matt miller, thank you so much for giving us this initial preview. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we're going to see you again in indianapolis with more exclusive previews. still ahead, more on the big game, from entertainment to food, everything you know to throw the ultimate super bowl bash. but first, these messages. ing to make you breakfast. what? with magic. you are? see the egg. uh huh. ♪ so, look at the orange. now close your eyes. ♪ alakazaam! you're good. and now i'm going to make this flower bloom. presto. "love you lots." do you want to see it again? yes, i want to see it again! [ female announcer ] hallmark blooming expressions
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get your free sample of quaker oatmeal squares on facebook. - neil lane's jewelry designs are uniquely beautiful. one look, and it's easy to see why his rings are worn by hollywood's biggest stars. now you can have a neil lane ring for the star in your life. presenting neil lane bridal at kay jewelers. - this scrollwork is a vintage technique, very intricate. - each hand-crafted ring is an original neil lane design with diamonds hand-selected by kay. neil lane bridal, the newest reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america. back at 7:50 rks facebook took its first step towards becoming a publicly traded company on wednesday. in the process, it lifted the veil on some of its very private business practices. kate snow is here with more. >> eight years, 100 billion friendships later, facebook is making a lot of money, $400
7:51 am
billion in 2011, double the year before. now they want to raise more cash by going public. it's the company that redefined what the word "friend" means. >> i'm always on it to see ha my friends are doing. >> who got a new baby. >> in a short, eight-year history, facebook has permeated everyday life. >> a judge has ordered a couple that's getting a divorce, to swap passwords to facebook. >> one couple found each other on facebook. >> 846 million people are on facebook. if it were a country, it would be the third most populated country in the world, behind china and india. not surprising that wall street is about to put a huge pricetag on the company, a moment foreshadowed in the movie, "the social network." >> $1 million would be cool. you no he what's cool? you. >> $1 billion. >> try $75 billion, to $100 billion. that's what analysts think the
7:52 am
company could be worth when it starts offering stock to the public. >> the company is work $100 billion. mark zuckerberg, who is under 30 years old, will be worth as much as $28 billion. his co-founder will be worth $6.7 billion. sheryl sandberg, will be worth more than $300 million. >> every day on facebook, 2.7 billion likes and comments are posted. and 250 million photos are uploaded. but ha does facebook going public mean for its users? >> the good news is they're not selling the data to third parties, but they are using the data that you're putting on your page to streamline, to create advertising that matches things that you're interested in. >> in its filing wednesday night, facebook talked about protecting people's private information. saying any incidents involving unauthorized access to or improper use of the information of our users could damage our reputation and our brand. >> part of what facebook is saying here is, trust us.
7:53 am
and really, trust mark zuckerberg. but at the same time, they say if we lose the trust of our users, we're in deep trouble. so they're trying to make the point, this goes both ways. >> it's going to take a few months to go through the regulatory hoops, but people are wondering if the facebook symbol, fb, might appear on the stock ticker in may, which would be just this time for mark zuckerberg's 28th birthday. coming up, the dangers of high heels. what's this? [ male announcer ] quaker oatmeal squares have 46 grams of whole grains... mmmm.
7:54 am
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good morning. i'm joe krebs. 7:56. we have had a rainy morning out will. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> yes. more rain on the way, too. good morning. right now getting light rain in washington, fairfax, montgomery counties and into prince william and fauquier. but little farther south and west of there, that area of red and orange, that's one heavy downpour moving out of rappahannock and madison and greene and orange counties. that's passing south of the metro area. and over the next hour or so, rain coming through. right now the 40s to near 50 degrees. and we will climb later today with sunshine coming back into the 50s this afternoon. colder weather moves in tonight and it will be chilly friday into the weekend. joe? >> thanks very much, tom. a break now and go bac
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. good news on northbound i-270, spur, democracy boulevard. left holder is blocked by the accident, earlier the accident was blocking all the northbound lanes from the inner loop of the beltway so you are going to see relief in that area. new york avenue inbound has days abled vehicle. this is as -- as you are trying to connect bladensburg. >> another news
8:00 am
now on this thursday morning, it's the second day of february, 2012, 43 degrees out here on the plaza, slightly cooler than yesterday. the crowd has been standing out here waiting for us to come outside. we are outside as they wave to their family and friends back home. i'm ann curry, alongside al roker and matt lauer. coming up, we're going it talk about the super bowl. >> what you need to know about the entertainment that will be part of the game. what you need to know about the halftime show, for example, featuring madonna, and if you go to a super bowl party and you're not a football fan, also food, what things you need to say to make it sound like you know what
8:01 am
you're talking about. and what things you need to avoid saying so you don't seem like -- a football idiot. >> i think i need to listen to that part. >> how many home runs did they score? >> really. anyway, what else? >> coming up on valentine's day, groundhog's day, before you know it it's valentine's day, and then july 4th. we want you to be able to get your sweetie to a warm-weather getaway. we've got bargains for you. >> let's go inside to check the morning's top stories with natalie. >> good morning, everyone. mitt romney's rivals are pouncing on a comment the republican front-runner made wednesday in nevada. romney said he's quote, not concerned about the very poor, because they have an ample safety net. challenger newt gingrich then fired back that he's concerned about all americans. donald trump meanwhile said he's going to make news with a big announcement from las vegas. "the new york times" is reporting that he'll be endorsing gingrich for president.
8:02 am
the world's worst soccer riot since 1996 has left more than 70 people dead and hundreds injured. last night's violence triggered new fears of instability. nearly one year after the uprising that swept president hosni mubarak from power. there is major fallout this morning from a clash between two leaders in the women's health field, the susan g. komen foundation and planned parenthood. nbc's senior correspondent lisa myers has more from washington. >> good morning, natalie. this is an increasingly bitter dispute. if komen thought its decision to end its partnership with planned parenthood was quietly defuse the controversial issue, appears to have miscalculated. susan g. cokens race force the cure raised $271 million last year to advance breast cancer awareness. now many angry women on twitter and the radio, say their komen racing days are over. >> we are really upset by this
8:03 am
decision. and we're not going to do the komen race any more. >> komen announced that it's stopping all new grants to planned parenthood because of a new policy that prohibits funding of groups under investigation. planned parenthood is being investigated by a congressional committee controlled by republicans. planned parenthood ceo calls the decision political and disappointing. >> the komen foundation has been the target of a right wing political campaign. bullying them and ununfortunately, the result seems to be that they gave into it. >> not long ago, komen also hired a new vice president. karen handle. a former republican gubernatorial candidate endorsed by sarah palin. who strongly opposed abortion and vowed to defund planned parenthood during her campaign. over the last five years, officials say komen's grants enabled 175 women to receive breast exams or diagnostic services. planned parenthood said none of the money ever went for abortion.
8:04 am
komen said the move was not about politics, but an effort to safeguard donor dollars. planned parenthood said the decision will hurt the most vulnerable low-income women who have nowhere else to turn for breast exams and health care. now for a look at what is trending today, a quick round-up of what has you talking online. the wealthy businessman who legally adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend is a top search on yahoo. john goodman faces a potentially costly civil suit in florida over an alleged drunk driving accident in florida that killed a young man. he made his girlfriend his daughter, which entitles her to draw from a trust fund. a personal email from supermodel, gisele bundchen is making the internet rounds after it was leaked to a newspaper. bundchen asked friends to pray for her husband. new england patriots quarterback, tom brady, so he can lead his team to victory
8:05 am
against the new york giants in sunday's super bowl. and joan rivers is lighting up youtube after a smoky stunt for her reality show. she is seen taking a puff of medical marijuana in a car with her friend. they then have to call joan's daughter, melissa for a lift. and later, she hits the hot taub tub fully clothed and uses a shoe to toast her friends. let's go back outside to al for a check of your weather. today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers, every kiss begins with kay. >> that is so disturbing. joan rivers video. we're going to have to put my head in a door jamb and close it a couple of times. here's the michigan somerset mall walkers. >> we get up and walk every morning, five guys, it's terrific. >> where is everybody this morning? >> they're all back sleeping. >> all right. smart guys. all right. let's check it out.
8:06 am
see what's happening to your day.ingham, alabama, alabama is 13, morning fog, then some sunshine later in the day. high of 68 degrees. and we are looking at some rain making its way off the mid atlantic coast. we have a storm system making its way from the rockies and it is going to be heading west. ahead of that system, risk of strong storms, texas into oklahoma. morning showers and along the mid atlantic coast. we are talking anywhere from 8 to 12, maybe even 14 inches of snow in the rockies, including denver. high surf advisories along the southern california coast. got folks from indianapolis here. are you going to be back in town for the big game? >> i will be there tomorrow. i heard you will be there tomorrow, too. >> starting tomorrow. all the way through monday. >> might see you. >> we will be looking for you. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. tom kierein in storm center 4. you will need an umbrella for another hour or so. rain in arlington, prince george's county. farther south and west, heavier rain in that area in orange.
8:07 am
moving into culpeper county and as well as madison county getting a good downpour there. that's moving all that heavier rain south of the metro area. chilly morning. we are in the 40s to near on degrees. later today with sun back into the 50s and chilly friday into that's your latest weather. now back to mr. lauer. thank you very much. when we come back, what's new, what's up, what's in when it comes to the big game. we're going to have a super bowl crash course for you right after this. hey, there's a photo booth. come on! okay, we gotta time this just right. okay. ready... mm-hmm. happy valentine's day. [ female announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. each charm is hand-crafted in italy and with hundreds of charms to choose from, the possibilities are endless. and this thursday through sunday, receive this charmed memories bracelet free with any charmed memories purchase of $100 or more. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. ready... [ camera flash ] ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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a stevia leaf erased my fears. it made my willpower a super hero. as for calories, it has zero. twinkle twinkle truvia® star, natural sweetness, i love just what you are. truvia®. honestly sweet. back now at 8:11 with a special super bowl edition whoos new, what's up, what's in. this morning we've got everything covered. from food to entertainment. >> let's start with the basics, what can you say at a party if you don't know that much about football. our friend, len berman is here to help us. you want to add to the conversation, what are good
8:12 am
things to say, if you don't know about football? >> you can say, did you see the house that tom brady and guessle bundchen built. it's not about football, but about pop culture. >> do you know there's never been an overtime in super bowl history. >> that would be good. >> can you say it's a good thing they're playing from a dome, because two years from now they're going to play outdoors in the cold for the first time ever in new jersey. and you could say, if eli manning wins, who could figure he would have twice as many super bowl rings as his superstar brother, peyton? >> and the next one is more complicated. it mixes pop culture and football. >> if giants win and rooney mara win, it will be the first time that two in the same family will win on oscar. >> you could putting a i know nothing about a t-shirt on.
8:13 am
>> first thing don't say, how come the giants and the patriots are in the super bowl every year. how come they're always measuring? you know, it doesn't sound right. the winner gets the stanley cup, right? >> wrong. >> and then last thing you shouldn't say is when the game's over, don't make the loser feel bad by saying, hey, it's only one game, it's the best of seven. that doesn't work. >> the one key to the game whether you're a football fan or not, that you think is going to determine the outcome on sunday? >> if tom brady is standing upright. the patriots have to protect their quarterback. the giants four years ago hit him relentlessly. if the giants can get to brady, giants win. if they can't, patriots win. >> wow, len berman, thanks very much. here's ann. moving on to what's up with the entertainment before and during the big game, joel levy is the contributing editor at "rolling stone." good morning to you. >> let's forget the game and talk about the entertainment. >> let's get to the main event, the halftime show. >> you want to talk about that?
8:14 am
let's talk about madonna. a lot of talk about what she may be doing. they're talking about "vogue"ing, is that true? >> we're pretty sure the set list has leaked, we're sure that "vogue," along with her new single, "give me all your loving" she's going to go spectacular. >> here's the other thing that people are talking about, is this a good choice? a lot of people think madonna is an odd choice. >> why? >> i have to admit, when i think major sporting events, i don't think madonna and cirque du soleil dancers. those don't go together in my mind. >> you're thinking that it's something more women may want to watc >> that's true, but it is a major sporting event and the things that have worked in the halftime space are these old rock bands like the who and bruce springsteen that appeal to everyone. when they had the black eyed peas on, people were like, i liked the lights, i don't know if i like the music. she bring as good show. she always does. >> you said never bet against
8:15 am
madonna. so we'll see what happens. kelly clarkson is going to be singing the national anthem. and you say people are taking bets now on whether, whether she can remember the words. >> i would never go so far as to put money on a sporting event, that would be wrong. but you can make all of these side bets. all of these things, things that have nothing to do with the game. you can wager on whether or not kelly clarkson will screw up the words the way that christina aguilera did last year. or you can go with the over/under, will she get it done in less than or more than 1:34. >> joel levy, keeping it fun for us. now here's al. and of course it wouldn't be super bowl sunday without terrific food. here with great twists on snacks that represent your favorite team is bon appetit's adam. new england clam chowder. >> forget the manhattan chowder, forget the tomato nonsense.
8:16 am
add some bacon, corn, because that's kind of healthy, a little bit. delicious could not be easier to make. >> bacon the theme here? >> yes. >> as we move -- >> bacon is good. if you've ever been to new haven, you know it's all about the white clam pie. new englanders love it you can make it in an iron skillet, store-bought dough, swiss charred, vaguely healthy. >> honly, rehoney, really, look. >> this is a sausage meatball hero. meatballs made out of italian sausages. why we have never done that before, i don't know, you throw them in the oven, they get crispy, sloppy, gooey. >> and this is our version of a hoosier sugar cream pie. lots of butter and cream and sugar and egg. made by christina tosi at the milk bar here in manhattan with an oat cookie crumble crust. ridiculously good, addictive.
8:17 am
>> get the defibrillator ready. >> for recipes. >> ann and i will have more on the super bowl live from indianapolis tomorrow on "today" and all throughout the weekend. coming up, a new warning for women on the dangers of high heels. how they could be ruining the way you walk, even when you take them off. right after these messages. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8. how about the beat of a healthy heart? campbell's healthy request soup is delicious, and earned this heart, for being heart healthy. ♪ feel the beat? it's amazing what soup can do.
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8:21 am
♪ back now at 8:20, this morning on today's health, high heels. women love to wear them, but according to a new study, they could cause permanent damage. today national correspondent, amy robach has details. good morning. >> hi, ann, good morning to you. there have been many studies about the dangers of high heels. but now researchers say those stillettos can be a health hazard even after you take them off. celebrities may set the trend, but this is a fashion staple for women of every age. sky-high heels. some pairs, higher than five inches. from the red carpet to running errands, heels have become an essential. pregnant? no problem for stilletto-lovers like beyonce, victoria beckham and jessica simpson.
8:22 am
for many women, the sky's the limit. but it comes at a price. >> my feet hurt at the end of the day. >> carey myers is on her feet all day in heels. now researchers say those high heels could cause permanent damage to women as young as 25. the study in the journal of applied physiology. say women who wear pumps on a regular basis start walking in high-heeled position even when barefoot. >> if you're in a plantar-flexed position -- >> that can lead to shorter calf muscle fibers and a tight achilles tendon. >> you can end up with strain, you can end up with sprain, and in a worst-case scenario, end up with rupture. >> there's a lot of girls like me out there. >> she's not alone. according to another survey by the american podiatry medical association, 42% of women admit they would wear a shoe they love, even if they know it will hurt their feet all day long. experts say women should consider changing their shoe habits. >> maybe i could start lowering
8:23 am
the heel, maybe go from six inches to like three. >> and ann, i have to confess, i think you, too, perhaps, we've worn a few high heels on occasion. right now i think i'm wearing a three and a half, four-inch heel. but i have flip-flops and flats back in my purse. >> all right, amy, thanks for sharing that information. we've got dr. nancy snyderman, the doctor is in, she's nbc's chief medical editor. what's different about the study. we've heard, we've heard this before, that they're not good for us. there's something new in the study. >> most studies have to do with the ball of the foot and the fact that you just pound your feet. you look at older women who have worn high heels their whole life. their toes are overlapping each other, they look terrible, you have bunions, they have surgery. this is the first study to look at the whole leg. and the idea that the muscles and tendons can get shortened. you like to walk and you're an athlete, i love to hike.
8:24 am
it means when we're in our 60s and 70s, our stride may change. you may rupture your tendon and it hurts. >> you may not be able to be the hiker for long distance that you want to be when you're 70 or 80. >> the big thing is, you think oh well, i wore my heels, my feet hurt tonight. now we know long-term in life, the sins of your youth, what you do in your 20s and 30s and 40s to be fashionable can affect how you are when you're 60 and 70. and frankly, still want to be active. >> what do you do about this? the study seems to be about women who use heels 40 hours a week. what if you wear them for not as long? >> see these shoes? >> yes. >> i confess, they are my shoes. sexy shoes, see the soles? they never see the street. i walk barefoot to the studio, i put them on and take them off. they're a fashion accessory, they're not to go walking down the street with. wear them when you have to, take
8:25 am
them off. then go back to your merrills, your clogs, your nikes, your whatever, that frankly, wrap your feet and allow you to walk flat-footed. we are human beings that have evolutionarily, we are supposed to walk on two feet, boom, boom, boom. to be on our tip-toes all day long? we would be that way. sexy, but artificial. >> i will vouch that you do show up in uggs and do put on your heels. is there any kind of like stretching we can do if we do wear them for a couple of hours a day? do we have to worry? >> you can stretch, but the reality is you have those on for two hours every day. the minute you come in you take them off and you have to stand on the edge of something, like a little ledge, and stretch your calf muscles. hold the bottom of your foot and pull your leg out. do anything like that. but really, get that foot back
8:26 am
to where it's supposed to be. men make high heels, you don't see women designing high heels. bonding, bonding, bonding. >> dr. nancy, point taken, >> 8:26 is your time on this thursday, february 2, 2012. let's get to danella sealock with a look at the time roads. >> good morning. if you are taking the beltway we have an accident blocking your left shoulder lane on the inner loop and outer loop. on the outer loop it is blocking your left lane. causing big delays on the moup and you are jammed at branch avenue. these delays continue as you make your way all the way around to get to route 50. once you pass 50, you are again jammed outer loop of the beltway from new hampshire avenue as you make your way to georgia avenue. >> danella, thank you. >> danella, thank you. we will take a quick break and
8:27 am
8:28 am
i hear you're having a tough day, so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did, but i wrote the note. new bakery sandwiches at dunkin' donuts. try the turkey cheddar bacon or ham and cheese today. you see the green on radar. light rain. these areas of red and horng getting heavy to moderate downpours, madison moving into orange heading towards fred rikszburg. another batch of lighter rain about to move into the metro area over the next hour. it is a killy morning. in the 40s to near 50 degrees.
8:29 am
later today we will get sunshine breaking out this afternoon. climbing into the 50s. then colder tonight and near 30 by dawn tomorrow and chilly friday into the weekend. >> more news, weather and traffic for new 25 minutes.
8:30 am
8:30 now on a thursday morning, it's the second day of february, 2012. kind of nice here in new york city, 45 degrees, a little breeze in the air and nice people stopping by our plaza. thanks to them as always. i'm matt lauer, along with ann curry, al roker and natalie morales, coming up, have you made your plans for valentine's day? >> not too late, there's a lot of getaways and great deals. we'll tell you where you can
8:31 am
take your sweetie and have a great time. plus, what are you planning to serve at your super bowl party. our chef says forget about the beer and go for wine and he'll share some affordable selections that go with everything from pizza to pigs in a blanket. >> i had six pigs in a blanket this morning. also some familiar faces stopping by. meredith will be back later on, here with the fourth-hour ladies. >> did you say familiar faces? >> yes. >> how about this familiar face over here, we have lisa kudrow joining us this morning. talking about the third season of "who do you think you are." >> good to see you. >> we've had chance to have you on the show for 20 years now, right? and i've never seen you more into a project. even through all the "friends" days as you are this show. >> that's right. i'm very proud of this show. i just am. because you know we're bringing, little details of history. into your home.
8:32 am
you know, what primetime network show allows you to do that. and you know, they're also such dramatic, compelling stories, too. i'm just really proud of it. >> people lives are changed by finding out where they come from, including martin sheen, who went back to ireland. tell bus what happened. >> he went to ireland, as well as spain. so his mother's side is irish. and you know, we know martin sheen is sort of an activist. not sort of, and he's been in jail a few times. you know over his protests. and in ireland, he finds that his mother's brother also was spent time in jail. but for the civil war in ireland. and then he goes to spain and finds out that his father's brother, he didn't know this, also spent a lot of time in jail, because he was involved in fighting franco in the very beginning. >> wow. and so you discover something about yourself. >> what celebrity is on your
8:33 am
wish list, the one that you want more than anyone? >> really? >> yes. >> i'm always afraid to say that. >> whisper it to me and i'll say it out loud. >> okay. no, i mean, we're thrilled with this season. there's 12 people and they're fantastic. >> going forward, who would you like? >> matt lauer. >> i should say, what are you doing here? >> lisa, your time is up now. we want to remind you that you can catch the premiere of the third season of "who do you think you are" tomorrow night. >> yes. >> 8:00, 7:00 central, where? >> on nbc. >> a quick question -- >> lisa, good luck, thank you.h quickly and show you what's happening for tomorrow. we have a slight risk of strong storms. texas into oklahoma, more wet weather making its way into the mid mississippi river valley. heavy snow in the rockies. for saturday, we are looking at
8:34 am
more rain, showers, and thunderstorms. making their way through the rockies and i should say through the ohio river valley. we are also looking at sunny and mild conditions out there. then to watch the super bowl sunday, sunday, we are looking at rain along the mid atlantic coast and into the southeast. sunny skies out west, cold and snow showers along the great lakes and we are expecting a giant super bowl trophy in canada. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> tom kierein in storm center 4. this area of orange and red on the radar, that's a zoechb moderate to heavy rain now moving out of culpeper county and heading towards orange and near fredericksburg over another 15, 20 minutes. farther north, areas of green, light rain. one batch in loudoun county, points north and west there. that's going to be heading into the metro area perhaps in another half hour. and the temperatures are chilly. we are in the 40s to near 50 now. later today, some sun out and climb into the mid and upper 50s. and then colder weather moves in friday through the weekend. that's your latest weather. we've got the big game coming up
8:35 am
this weekend. we've got a big concert to talk about, to benefit children all around. that's a concert by jay-z. the united way of new york city partnering with jay-z and gordon campbell is the group's ceo and president. tell us about it? >> february 6 and 7, a legendary venue, carnegie hall, iconic new yorker, jay-z, coming together to benefit the work to help the young people, sean carter's foundation of new york city, to help young people reach their full potential, graduate on time, go on to reach and be successful. >> the goal is to raise money. how do you split up the proceeds and who benefits? >> i have to tell you, it's been such a great partnership. 50% of the proceeds go to the shawn carter scholarship foundation and 50% to the united way of new york city. our mission is the same, fighting poverty and giving young people a chance. jay-z talks about i won the lottery, a lot of young people in the city didn't. >> he'll be performing in
8:36 am
carnegie hall. you know how he gets to carnegie hall? practice! >> thank you so much. >> if people want to go to the concert? >> there's a few seats available. >> and ann curry is lurking over here. thank you for being here. coming up next, we'll be talking about the romantic valentine's day getaways. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
this morning on today's travel, romantic getaways for valentine's day. there are great deals if you're looking for a truly great way to celebrate with your special someone. here with our top picks is kate maxwell, the editor in chief of welcome back. good romantic locations, but also at this time of year, even though we're in high season in some places you get a lot of extras as well? >> you do, hotels throw in all sorts of extras over valentine's day, a free bottle of champagne, rose petal-strewn bed, or extra
8:39 am
night in a hotel. >> you've got great variety in these locations. let's start with in hawaii, which just screams romance. what do you like there? >> kauai, it was in "the descendants" george clooney movie. so take your mate to the coconut beech resort. $1 $199 a night. $50 spa credit. >> that's not bad at all. let's move inland from hawaii to the desert. you like the hard rock hotel and casino in las vegas. they've got this motley crue package. >> if you're too rock and roll for traditional valentine's day, motley crue there for a week in february. the package is $400 for two nights, includes two tickets to the show. plus $100 restaurant credit. they have a new restaurant called 25 martinis, a great one
8:40 am
to try. >> if you're a motley crue fan they'll only be there for a couple of nights. let's go to the east coast if you like boats, sailing, you like harbors, you like newport, rhode island. >> it's a classic tony boating destination. 41 degrees is a great contemporary eco-friendly hotel this package is the for the couple that watt to shut the door, flip the do not disturb sign. >> is this a new place? >> yes. and they're offering a room for $250 a night and throwing in all sorts of aphrodisiacs here. in-room oysters and i'm almost afraid to ask. a jelly bath. >> a jelly bath. an amazing product. you put it in the water, it keeps, it fluffs up into jelly and it keeps the water warm for four times longer. so you can sit in there all night. >> and they've got a romantic playlist that they have programmed into an ipod for the
8:41 am
room. which is good. what were the prices on this again, $189? >> $250 a night. >> great. warmer weather, let's go to the caribbean. you like turks and caicos. >> a fantastic romantic destination. i was there at gray's bay last summer. i walked past five destination weddings. the hotel is offering, the veranda, all inclusive, you pay $2,000 for three nights and you get absolutely everything. all your means, drinks, champagne, breakfast in bed. so you know, there's nothing less sexy than having to take out your credit card every time you have a snack or a drink. >> round-trip airport transfers, complimentary wi-fi, and complimentary international telephone calls, that's the veranda resort and residence in turks and caicos. you like the windham rio marr beach resort in puerto rico. >> you don't need a passport for puerto rico. >> i'm thinking it's high season
8:42 am
in places, i'm surprised you find bargains this time of year. >> people want to ofr added extras this is $414. you stay four nights. they throw in $600 worth of extras including an adventure outing. you can choose between kayaking, zip lining. a picnic on the beach. >> dinner for two with bottle of wine. >> daily breakfast. it's fantastic deal. >> if you're willing to do a little risk and obviously you've done a lot of it for us, you can find a great place to take that significant person and get a good deal. kate maxwell, thanks very much. up next from what to eat to the treats to take, what you can do to improve, i'm sorry, the tests you take, what you can do do to improve your heart health in 2012.
8:43 am
8:44 am
today's healthy heart is brought to you by campbell's address your heart campaign.
8:45 am
this morning on today's healthy heart, your 2012 checklist, keeping your ticker in tip-top shape, is a long-term commitment. what are the steps we should all be taking this year? joy bauer is today's nutritionist and dr. rajini raj is here. you say during the winter we've got checklists for every season of the year. during the winter you say enjoy heart-healthy comfort foods, count your calories, take advantage of mild winter weather and book doctor appointments. give us an example of a heart-healthy comfort food, joy. >> it's the perfect time to enjoy a cozy nutrient-rich bowl of lentil soup and a few mornings each week to have oatmeal topped with fresh fruit and nuts. the oats have valuable fiber, the nuts have heart-healthy fats and together they declog our arteries. >> be careful about the pigs in
8:46 am
a blanket that the boys were talking about. why book your appointment during this time of year, doctor? >> one of the reasons why heart disease spikes during the winter is people ignore their health. they don't go to the doctor when they're supposed to. especially if they have something like chest pain. they don't want to miss the christmas party. keep up with your appointments and prescriptions, refill your medication. a lot of people are traveling, forget their heart medicine. you need to be on the ball. >> remind people, because you're a doctor, that hearts are the most vulnerable for men and for women, the number one killer. >> number one killer. >> moving on to spring then, our spring heart checklist. you say include spring clean your lifestyle, add early bloomer veggies to your diet. sign up for csa. and check your cholesterol. so what is csa? i think that's the one that's going to a cause people to ask questions. >> it's so awesome to know about this, it's a community-supported agriculture. and everybody has them, we as community members get it pay a fee, which supports local farmers and then every week throughout the months of the spring and summer we get a
8:47 am
delectable gorgeous, fresh bed of produce. and there's no better incentive than to eat your veggies when you pay in advance and you're supporting your local business. >> all right. it's really great. >> early bloomer veggies are the ones that are coming up early. we're talking about -- >> asparagus, artichokes. artichoke hearts have 14 grams of fiber per cup. a real heart-smart superfood and spring potatoes have a lot of potassium, greats for managing blood pressure. >> let's move on to summer. your checklist during the summer is add a heart-smart smoothie to breakfast, fill your kitchen with some summer bumper crops, get moving and stay hydrated. why is staying hydrated so important for your heart? >> it's particularly important for people with heart disease, we want people out, moving, summertime is a great time to start a new sport, get ougt, be active with your family, about make sure you're drinking plenty of water. because it is much more humid
8:48 am
and hot and you'll tend to get drier more easily. >> and you say a heart-healthy smoothie. the truth is aren't most smoothies heart-healthy? >> not necessarily. it's as simple as taking half a ban nanna, a cup of frerk or frozen fruit and whip it up in a blender. i also like to satisfy a sweet tooth in the summer, with refreshing frozen grapes and bananas and i hit the freezer aisles in the grocery store and i buy the bags of frozen cherries, berries, mangoes and i eat them straight out of the bag, it's like italian ices without any extra sugar. let's move onto the last season of the year. the fall heart check. you've got stock up on fall super foods, plan fall activities with the family. get a flu shot and strategize for the holidays. >> fall super foods include what? >> pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are loaded with heart-smart busting ingredien
8:49 am
ingredients. and apples, pears and sweet potatoes, they've got the sol yubl finer that drives down cholesterol. it plays double duty, if you go pumpk pumpkin-picking and apple picking, you get activity and a super food. >> when we talk strategize for the holidays, what we walking about? >> in the winter, people tend to eat more and exercise less. in the fall you want to ramp up your exercise routine. make sure you're getting a healthy diet. it will be easy to fall by the wayside if you're not eating healthy early on. >> how does a flu shot affect people with heart disease? >> a flu shot, everyone should be getting it. but people with heart disease are much more susceptible to getting the flu and getting very sick from the flu, even potentially dying from it. it's essential if you have heart disease to get a flu shot. >> here's a great tip, if you rake your leaves, you burn about 300 calories for an hour, so it's good for your ticker and good for your figure. >> and good for your lawn. >> joy bauer, dr. rajini raj
8:50 am
thank you for taking us through the year to keeping us healthy. coming up, affordable wines to add a touch of class tour super bowl bash. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
we're back now at 8:51, with today's wine cellar, if you're planning a super bowl party, chances are you'll pick up some beer. but why not add a little
8:52 am
selection of wines to your bash. wine maker and restauranteur joe bastianich is here with more. we're not suggesting, you've got five wines here. not drinking five glasses of wine. >> it's a wine-tasting party. we have divided into in four quarters, and a halftime wine. america is the number one consumer of wine right now. italian wine is the number one imported wine in america. people are drinking more wine. >> for the first quarter you want to get things started -- >> with white. we go white and light. we divide and said a little bit of american riesling from new york state. with our interpretation of charcuterie, pigs in a blanket. light in alcohol, good acidity, good fruit. the pigs are yummy and it works great if you went to france and alsace, you would have riesling. >> you're sticking with white
8:53 am
wine for the second quarter, we're just tasting, not suggesting you drink another glass of wine. >> this is patriotic for the giants, we're going to give you big american california chardonnay. >> with american cheddar. this is all american wine pairing. american, this wine is about $16 a bottle, $13 a bottle. wines that are real crowd-pleasers that can be an alternative to beer. >> what are you serving at your super bowl party? >> probably a lot of beer. >> beer stands and -- kegger. >> we have a kegger. >> beer pong. >> you can't play wine pong at your house. >> we'll have to think about halftime. >> madonna, we'll go a little disco wine, make proset prosetto bellinis, this is a palate cleanser. a pear puree with prosecco. give everything a sip of something fruity, yummy. and thematically we move on,
8:54 am
second half, the mood is starting to get more serious. >> you might know who the winner is going to be. so we take pizza margarita. classic italian. the most famous italian food in the world and do it with a pizza version. serving a light italian wine, a valpollicella. all of these are under $20, right? >> yes, this is like 13 to 15. this australian shiraz, a most expensive wine, big chunky monkey. to be served with our chili con carne. this is a whack you in the head with a 2 x 4, a shiraz from australia. it will wake you up in the morning. >> did doesn't sound like fun. >>s did fun. it's full-flavored. >> do you have a pick for the game? >> i got to go with the giants, i think it's our year. >> most of your places are here
8:55 am
in the new york area. isn't that true? >> they are. >> do you want some chunky monkey? >> i'll go with some white. here's to the super bowl. wine tasting party and -- >> may the best team win. >> cheers to you. >> exactly. >> we're going to have much more ahead. by the way, have we mentioned, you can catch the super bowl here on nbc. >> no! really? >> that's true.
8:56 am
8:56 is your time on this thursday, february 2, 2012. let's check in with tom kierein for a look at your forecast for today. spring fever over, tom? >> yes, it is. it turned cooler and we had rain this morning. heaviest rain in the orange and reds on radar now moving out of culpeper and into orange,
8:57 am
stafford, spotsylvania, and that's drifting south of the metro area. and elsewhere farther to north, area in green, is light rain now drifting in towards washington from the west. and temperatures are in the 40s now to near 50 degrees. later today we will get sunshine breaking out with highs into the 50s and then colder weather moves in for friday into the weekend. >> tom, thanks so much. we will take a quick break and check the traffic when we come back. stay the word is swapportunity.
8:58 am
can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake is a good swapportunity. that's not a real word. oh haha it's real. [ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. i hear you're having a tough day,
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so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did, but i wrote the note. new bakery sandwiches at dunkin' donuts. try the turkey cheddar bacon or ham and cheese today. good morning. still seeing big delays. taking the beltway, outer loop, starting in prince george's county, hitting the brakes at pennsylvania avenue and your delays continue as you make your way to route 50. also on the outer loop new hampshire avenue, you are going to slow down again and it is pretty slow to georgia avenue. >> danella, thank you.
9:00 am
we're back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning, the second day of february, 2012. if you're just joining us, breaking news this morning, punxsutawney phil saw his shadow this morning. which means, you know what, it's strange, i'm 54 years old, i still don't know what it means. he saw his shadow, six more weeks of winter. >> we haven't had winter. >> winter, with 60-degree temperatures? >> we'll take that. >> anyway, they don't seem to mind, the people outside and some of them have taken off, i'm matt lauer, along with ann curry. al roker and savannah guthrie and you've got today's professionals in the house. >> and a lot of hot topics to
9:01 am
talk about. mitt romney said yesterday, quote he's not concerned about the very poor. that was a statement taken out of context. he said he doesn't worry about them as much because they do have a social safety net. another explanation was offered, this all kind of raises the question of whether or not the front-runner is gaffe-prone and he's getting criticized in republican and democratic circles for that. and ka the kardashians' new ad shows a lot of skin. >> and when we look at our diet s.o.s. we'll be checking out the benefits of lean protein over carbs and whether going gluten-free will help you lose weight. and why you shouldn't go bananas trying to avoid bananas. joy bauer has our diet and nutrition segment. also coming up in today's style this morning, we'll show you how you can save money on your wardrobe by using some of your winter items well into spring. so that can work for some of us. >> okay. sounds like a good idea. let's head to the news desk right now, natalie has the top
9:02 am
stories of the morning. >> good morning, everyone. gop presidential hopeful, mitt romney is under fire from both sides of the aisle today as you heard for commenting that he's quote not concerned about the very poor. claiming that they have an ample safety net. well today donald trump meanwhile is making a big announcement from las vegas and according to the "new york times," newt gingrich will be the lucky winner of trump's endorsement for president. and an end is in sight for the u.s. combat mission in afghanistan. defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. military hopes to end its formal combat mission sometime in 2013. and while that would mark a milestone in the ten-year war, it does not mean a complete end to the u.s. government involvement in the region. the pentagon says the u.s. will still be opening to teaming up with the afghan army and will stay on the ground through 2014. egypt is in morning today, following the deadliest violence since last year's revolution. a soccer match erupt in addition a massacre as fans of the
9:03 am
winning team stabbed, beat and trampled fans of the rival team, killing at least 74 people. in the aftermath, egyptian activities are blaming police and the military for not protecting the people. facebook filed with federal regulators wednesday to sell a small portion of its shares to the public. the sale is expected to raise $5 billion, the most ever for an initial public offering by an internet company, it will create instant millionaires like graffiti artist david coe who was paid in facebook stock when he painted the company's offices, stock that will be worth an estimated $200 million. more fallout over the susan g komen cancer foundation cut its funding to planned parenthood. komen is under fire and taking heated criticism from members of congress and advocate groups. komen in response denies that politics played a role in its decision to cut funding, but
9:04 am
planned parenthood says the cancer foundation was bowing to anti-abortion activists. and a double dose of excitement at a high school basketball game in montgomery, alabama on monday night. one player hit a full-court shot to beat the buzzer there, at the end of the first quarter. but then it gets better, his teammate drained a half-court shot as the buzzer sounded. unfortunately, after all that, it wasn't enough, their team ended up losing by three points. you've got to be kidding me. four minutes past the hour. back over to you guys. imagine the frustration of that team. >> those were the only baskets they had all night. >> not true. >> they got to be on tv. >> it will go on the highlight reel. >> natalie, thanks, how about a check of the weather? >> let's show you what's going on. first of all, a big storm comin. we have blizzard watches and warn michael jackson the southern rockies and into the west central plains. right through saturday, this system is going to be bringing a lot of snow behind it.
9:05 am
some severe weather ahead of and it here is what we look for as far as accumulations between now and saturday. from denver all the way to sioux city, iowa. we could be looking at anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow. some areas could pick up up to 18 inches of snow. then ahead of the system we have a risk of strong storms from big spring, texas, to wichita. with a chance of large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. tom kierein in storm center 4. we have moderate to heavy rain in southern stafford across spots sprain yeah county, moving to the south of the metro area. elsewhere we see the green and that is some light rain moving in from the west, into the metro area. and that will be moving on out over another couple of hours. and we will get sunshine back later this afternoon. right now it is chilly. we are just in the 40s. later today, when we get the sun back, ought to be into the 50s. turning colder tonight. freezing by dawn tomorrow. sunny and chilly on friday. remaining chilly through the weekend. s your latest weather. savannah?
9:06 am
♪ >> all right, al, thank you. now to today's professionals, our panel of power players weighing in on the hot topics making news. starr jones is an attorney and author. donny deutsch is chairman of deutsche incorporated and dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. let's start with mitt romney and the latest gaffe that he's finding himself have to explain. a poor choice of words. before we talk about it, let's play what he said on cnn yesterday. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor, we have a safety net there. if it needs repair, i'll fix it i'm not concerned about the very rich, they're doing just fine. i'm concerned about the very heart of america. >> all right, you have the benefit of the context in that particular clip. but it's that one sentence, i'm not concerned about the very poor, that right away caused a firestorm. both among democrats and republicans. >> let me put this into context with regard to health care in this country. this is the same time that planned parrothood is losing
9:07 am
money from the komen foundation which is safety net for mammography, for women. 37 million poor women may not be able to get mammography. that's the safety net for the poor? i don't care if he misspoke or not. let's be real. almost half of the u.s. now is, is not making it. so i think that's a huge -- >> i think our viewers at home. she wants to talk about that topic. regardless of you were talking about romney. that was a good shift to get that in. by the way, i'm going to -- >> it's a bad thing he said. >> guys, time out. obviously when you look at those words by themselves, they're horrific words. when you watch it, you clearly see what he meant is that clearly, let me finish. i'm not worried about the rich. you know, we do have whether he's right or wrong. he was saying i'm positioning myself for the middle class. he didn't mean that. the words are wrong. >> the truth is that this is a string of gaffes.
9:08 am
and the criticism in the republican quarters is they're concerned that these types of gaffes could make him a weak candidate against president obama. >> i think what mitt romney is showing us, is exactly who he is. he's not concerned about the very poor. that's not his constituency. he's not going to get -- >> you would acknowledge those comments would be taken out of context? >> if you were going to ask me a question, do i think he meant exactly what those words were? 100%. excuse me, wait. when people tell you who they are, believe them. you don't need to look behind the words. he is not concerned -- >> starr -- you know what. >> don't patronize me. >> i'm not going to patronize you. >> go ahead, what's your point? >> he did get on a plane later and try to explain it and did just as poorly. >> i don't think there's any dispute if you use just that one sentence, it would be out of context.
9:09 am
>> but savannah, put it all together. >> there's a string of comments along those lines. >> the $10,000 bet -- >> guys, guess what, republicans are not for poor people. duh? and? okay. we know that. >> that's my point. >> duh -- >> i don't think that most republicans would accept that premise. >> when they have a problem and they call it class warfare when basically people want to tax the 1% versus the 99 -- >> mitt romney is not appealing to the very poor elements of the voters, that's not who he's going after. he's telling you who he's going after. and we have to accept it and say, is that the candidate for me. >> but when he says he's really talking to the middle class, the middle class also worries about the poor. so time to stop these divisions. >> then vote democrat, it's very simple, okay? >> this narrative, embedded in his persona. getting into politics again another time. another hot topic, a matter of
9:10 am
state, a young woman sued a rhode island public high school filed a complaint about a banner that had been hanging on the school with prayer since 1963. apparently it was penned by a student back then. she complained, a federal judge upheld the complaint and said the banner have to come down. where do you come down on this issue? >> it starts with -- "our father" and it ends with "amen." if you take those two things off, it sounds like a great school creed. i expect by the law, it's the separation of church and state. but the 10-year-old who declares herself as an athiest has her parents standing behind her going, go, go, go. >> if there is a student or family who is uncomfortable by the prayer, that student should not be made to feel as if they're an outsider. that's what the law says. >> do you think the judge should have looked further? if you look at the prayer itself, but for the beginning and the end, it's a pretty innocuous -- >> i think if it was
9:11 am
interdenominational, that's something that's pretty universal and it's unfair to the other kids. >> people would make the argument that things that had gone on over years, over decades have changed with the mores of society. so our laws are supposed to be there to protect equally across the board. >> i would love to say that prayer. but i don't want to alienate my neighbor next to me who does not. >> now the young woman who filed the complaint is getting bullying comments. >> that's not fair, either. but one person should not hold the entire school population hostage. >> i'm sore are i that they did not come up with a compromise and take off the top and the bottom and everybody make this their plan. >> from the divine to perhaps the ridiculous. the kardashians are going topless in their latest ad. they're actually, i think we can show some of the images, they're selling jeans, but they are topless. we have to ask our branding expert. is that a good ad?
9:12 am
>> i have two words -- buh-bye. all it shows is that they're over for them. they are everywhere. if you put them in an ad every place, what are we going to do? take their shirts off. take their pants off. what this shows is that they've jumped the shark. starting with the wedding where kim duped her audience. it's over, you can see it they'll milk it for all it's worth. they have to do it. >> do you think it reeks of desperation like donny said? >> absolutely. >> sears is trying to appeal to a newer audience, a newer consumer and the young consumer that watches sort of this reality television, they're really not shopping at penny's and sears. >> if you're selling jeans, why go topless? because then you're looking at the topless, not the jeans. >> my problem, guys, you know i'm not a puritan. young, really young girls watch the kardashians and i think you have some responsibility. i think on every level it's a
9:13 am
bad idea and i'm going to say it again, buh-bye kardashians. it's a mathematical certainty, when people are that hot by definition, the parade moves on. >> they knocked paris hilton off her pedestal. they took her place, someone will come after them, they are yesterday. >> you would not hire any of the kardashians to be in any of your super bowl ads? >> no, i would not. i think you're paying for yesterday's news, i think it's a bad investment. >> let's move on to another great topic. i love this, are women better at parking than men? >> yes. >> forget that age-old stereotype, because research, covert surveillance in the uk found that women, may take longer to park, but they're more adept at men at maneuvering into parking spaces. >> you're a wacky doctor. >> there's some real science behind this. we have different spatial relationships, guys can play video games faster that's why they do better at jeopardy.
9:14 am
and -- men at night can, they have better depth perception than women. however, men are faster, they're riskier, they pull in, they're piggier. they get their first, they're more impatient. >> we're not. >> so you know what, we will get into our spot, we'll leave room on both sides for the other cars. men don't care. they just get there faster. the correlation is obvious. >> donny, do you have anything to say? >> i'm going to say something, i want to say it to the camera. women are better than men at everything, okay? >> i've heard this before. >> i actually feel -- not just saying it because, i've written about this in my books. women are superior to men. i say it as part of the weaker team. and one more -- >> they get there faster. >> but we love you. >> it raised eyebrows, there's been this longstanding stereotype -- >> women drivers, driven by men, the stereotype.
9:15 am
>> driving is not always park g parking. parking is a little more deliberate, methodical. >> it takes us longer, but we get there and it's better. >> you made your point. we got it. >> lightning round. one-word answer, predictions. giants or patriots. >> giants. >> giants by three. >> favorite super bowl junk food? nobody better say carrot sticks. go. >> nachos. >> wings. >> wings. >> all right. and we end with agreement. it's a beautiful thing. >> donny deutsch, starr jones and dr. nancy snyderman. coming up next, in joy's diet sos, are bananas fattening? and if you cut out gluten, will you lose weight? and forget about what the groundhog said, we're looking ahead to spring in today's style. (girl) it's really hogwarts! because i can fly with harry!
9:16 am
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9:18 am
we're back with joy's diet sos, we solve all your diet dilemmas, today's nutritionist joy bauer is tackling your questions on things from going gluten-free to the super bowl cocktails you'll be consuming. we'll go to skype, let's head to tennessee. collierville, tennessee to be exact and talking to carol, hey, carol. >> good morning, how are you. this is such an honor. >> thank you, what's your question? >> my question is, can you lose weight by going on a gluten-free
9:19 am
diet? >> great question. and it really depends. if you give up all the gluten, that's wheat, barley and rye and you don't replace it with a gluten-free counterpart you're going to significantly reduce your calories and you're definitely going do lose weight. but on the other hand if you give up the gluten-containing stuff and you replace it with the gluten-free counterparts if you give up whole wheat pasta and eat brown rice pasta and instead of eating whole wheat bread and eat the gluten-free, it's a calorie wash. you're swapping gluten calories for gluten-free calories. when it comes to losing weight, it's a smart strategy to reduce the amount of the starchy carbohydrates that you're eating but you don't need to wipe out every bit of gluten unless you have a medical condition. thank you for that. >> now let's go to karen.
9:20 am
she's calling in from north jackson, massachusetts. good morning, karen, how are you? >> good morning, how are you. >> great, what's your question? >> recently someone told me that bananas told me they're not good for you. i know they're higher in calories and carbs. is that true? because i eat one every day. >> thank you for asking this question. because bananas need more love. bananas are a wonderful food. they're only about 100 calories. they have 27 grams of carbohydrate and 14 grams of natural sugar. we're worried about minimizing the added sugar. this is the natural sugar that comes within the banana. and people should know if they think that's a lot of sugar, a regular-sized apple that we eat is pretty much medium to large has more natural sugar than that. so if you enjoy bananas eat them and they're loaded with potassium. and potassium helps to offset the negative impacts from sodium and salt. so it is blood pressure-friendly as well. >> so enjoy that banana every
9:21 am
day, karen. >> freeze them, throw them in a smoothie. top your cereal with a banana. an an email question, this is a reader from new york writing i lost 45 pounds over the last three years, but am struggling to lose the last ten. at the end of the work day i like to relax with a cocktail. usually a martini. obviously knows our director. is my daily cocktail standing in the way of me reaching my goal? >> i hope not. a martini clocks in at about 185 calories, i would hate for her to have to give up that cocktail. so she loves it and looks forward to. i think a nice compromise is limit the martini to three nights a week and see if the scale moves down. if the scale doesn't move down. i would say keep the martini in her diet and look to tweak other things that are less important to her. she can swap out the martini, if she wants, for a glass of wine or a vodka with club soda and a
9:22 am
splash of juice and that one swap alone will save her over 400 calories a week. >> i drink to that. thank you so much. still ahead on "today," making your winter wardrobe work for spring with some easy style secrets. but first, these messages. in hands-free toilet cleaning. introducing the one-step toilet bowl cleaner from scrubbing bubbles. just step on the pedal. the 360 degree sprayer delivers a powerful cleaner to tackle lime scale, toilet rings, and even cleans under the rim. it's a remarkable leap forward in hands-free toilet cleaning. guaranteed to work or it's free! [ female announcer ] s.c. johnson. a family company.
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9:25 am
meredith vieira. what's she doing here? >> we'll tell you what she has, coming up. cer ] new vicks nature fusion cold & flu syrup. flavored with real honey. powerful cold medicine that leaves out artificial flavors and dyes and instead uses something more natural, honey. new nature fusion cold & flu from vicks. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? [ chuckles ]
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yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 9:26 is your time on this thursday, february 2, 2012. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein now for a look at your forecast. tom, good morning. >> good morning. right now rinds the metro area getting light rain in washington, pair fax, montgomery, prince george's county. area of red and orange raining hard around fredericksburg drifting east towards the northern neck and elsewhere the rain tapering off from the west to east and as the morning progresses. right now, we are in the 40s to near 50 degrees. later today with the sunshine breaking out this afternoon. we should climb into the 50s and cold night tonight. clearing and down near 30 by dawn tomorrow. sunny but chilly on friday. chilly weekend to follow. small chance of some rain south of the metro area on sunday.
9:27 am
dry and chilly into next week. >> thanks so much. a quick break now and check your traf
9:28 am
. good morning. traveling inning the district, suspicious package is taken away -- has taken away many of your lanes around the u.s. capitol building. roads are shut down including maryland avenue, constitution, independence avenue, and it is best to avoid the streets
9:29 am
surrounding the capitol building at this time. and if you are traveling on the beltway, inner loop is jammed at arlington boulevard. these delays continue through the dulles toll road. >> thank you. more news, weather and traffic more news, weather and traffic for new j never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this.
9:30 am
we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. ♪ ♪ that band will be rocking indianapolis tomorrow here live on "today" as we kick off a weekend of super bowl excitement. and adam levine from maroon five will be sitting in with the band and we'll show you the halftime show and meet some of the fans who are already revving up for the big game. that's "today" at the super bowl, starting tomorrow on "today." >> i want to be one of madonna's backup singers. >> i saw you interviewing madonna on the red carpet on the golden globes, so you guys are like this.
9:31 am
>> yes. >> and we're going to join you on sunday. meanwhile, coming up in this half hour, now and later, we're not talking about the candy, we're talking about your wardrobe. we'll show you how to save money on spring fashion now. by incorporating some of your favorite winter pieces later. get it, guys? into the warmer months ahead. >> and then when life hands you lemons, make popsicle, that's what one young woman did when she was laid off and she turned it into a chance to follow her passions. it not only made her successful, it landed her at the white house. we'll take a look at her story. also ahead in today's kitchen, getting your family to eat veggies is going to be easier than you think with two easy and delicious chicken and veggie dinners. but first, let's check the weather. >> let's show you what's going on as we head on into the weekend. for tomorrow, we have snow bac through the rockies and heavy snow and blizzard watches and warnings probably going on. we have a risk of strong storms, texas into oklahoma. shine, cool in the mid atlantic states. saturday, more sunny skies, cool conditions and frigid in the new england area. we have sunny skies and cold in
9:32 am
the southwest. rain in the mid mississippi rivers valley and then super bowl p sunday, we have sunshine and sunday, we have sunshine in the northeast and we have plenty of sunshine out west. going to be cold, frigid conditions, plains into the rockies and we will have showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. light rain in washington. fairfax and montgomery county, points north and west. areas in green on the radar but that area of orange and red, that's just moderate to heavy rain now passing lou fredericksburg heading towards the northern neck. and parts of southern maryland getting moderate showers as well. chafrls, calvert and st. mary's. temperatures around the region, 40s to near 50 degrees. later today, some sun breaking out. we have to climb into the 50s and then clear and colder tonight. near 30 by dawn tomorrow. sunny friday and near 50. chilly weekend to follow. could have rain south of the metro weather. oh, al, thanks, sorry, we were just reading. >> a little distracted by you. congratulations are in order for al, for being on the cover of
9:33 am
"american way" magazine. if you're on an airline right now, you're reading it. it's a great article. >> this is a great article. it's the definitive al roker. you learn everything about you and i love what our producer jim bell said about you, he said you are the glue that holds this show together. without you we'd be unhinged, literally and we talk about your sunny disposition, which you always have, rain or shine. >> thank you. one of our producers, john nash, said yeah, crazy glue. >> we learn about the fact that you're very successful television producer. we know you're an author, we hear about your cooking. we learn about your family. >> you've got your hands in everything. >> the centerfold is crazy. >> wow! >> i didn't know you looked like that. >> al! >> oh my! that's a big umbrella. >> that's great, it's fantastic. you're terrible. what do we have coming up? >> congratulations, al. >> coming up, checking your dollars by stretching your
9:34 am
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9:38 am
you're here to show us how we can turn winter into spring. let's start off with this knit skirt on our mannequin. we see the winter look. >> the winter look. >> a primary red, which is so nice and versatile about a primary red and we love it at "in style" it works well with dark neutrals, we have it here with this great jacket from h & m and it works great with light neutrals in the summer. whites, creams and even taupes, so it has a versatility that can you carry through seasonlessly. >> on chloe, we see the spring and summer look. she's lightened it up quite a bit. >> and this is a skirt that's $10 from forever 21. it has quite a bit of substance, it's got that banded look that's popular. and it also has some nice length. so it adds you know, you can wear this with tights, you can wear it without tights and feel comfortable. >> and we see the color blocking trend sticking through to spring and summer. >> absolutely. >> she's got the bright shoes to add to the pop of color. >> perfect for spring.
9:39 am
in the winter you might not want to add too much color to the palette. >> the basic black maxi dress has endless possibilities in the winter you have it layered up here. >> we love the maxi dress, this is something that you often see in the summer. but it has tremendous potential in the winter because it is so layerable. we have layered it with a great button-down blouse, a cozy vest and because you're adding bulk, you want to belt it to maintain your silhouette. >> on jennifer we see how you've taken off the layers and added some more accessories to give her more of the spring and summer look. >> we've added a graphic scarf that creates some visual dimension. you want a long, drapy scarf that complements the proportions of the dress and fun hat from bloomingdale's. >> it's not going to be a big ding to your budget? >> this is $70 from victoria's secret and it's something especially in black that you can carry through season to season. >> even wearing it over a bathing suit out on the beach.
9:40 am
it looks great. thank you so much, jennifer. >> printed pants now, also a big fashion trend. very popular this year. and here we see how we've dressed it up for the winter. >> yeah. you know, and oftentimes, people think printed pants are a little too wild for me. what we wanted to show in the winter you can pair these with a dark neutral like a black jacket and it demures the print and makes it more accessible. play it up with a little pop of color that complements the hues of the print and alexandra is wearing it with a drapy black blouse, to play down the power of the print. and these jeans are from target, $25. they've got some substance in their stretch. they are figure-forming so you can afford to wear a billowy blouse, that's equally chic as it is comfortable. >> and animal print as we see you wearing, is here to stay, very trendy. thank you so much, alexandra. >> and over here, let's talk about this sleeveless top we're going to see in a moment.
9:41 am
here we have a jacket over it. >> that's right. >> and this is a winter look. >> this is a winter look. and a sleeveless top, you know, if you're anything like me, i generally put my sleeveless tops away in the winter. but actually, they're quite versati versatile. you can wear them with fitted jackets and your arms aren't restricted. it's a great layering piece, especially one in a silky fabric with some feminine detailing. it will play up a classic work look. >> we're seeing so many different color trends, big, bright colorful purses, you can add a pop of color with your winter wardrobe, right? >> exactly. especially if you pick the right hue, like a vibrant green and the jewel tone in the blouse is navy. those work well together. >> now let's look at sheree's outfit. the sleeveless top is exposed. because it is in the silky fabric, it will elevate it with jeans and shorts, which are a
9:42 am
huge trend moving into the warmer season. takes it from counselor territory, to chic and dressed up. a great bag from marshall's and heels. >> and the bowed blouse seems to be a trend this spring. >> it's noticeable because it's got the contrasting trim. >> isabelle gonzales whittaker, thanks so much and thanks to our models. coming up, a sweet dream come true for with your entrepreneur and taking an ordinary chicken dinner from bland to bold in today's kitchen. but first, these messages. ears i've dealt witaltypes of t problems. onthg has never changed: pele want to kw their taxeve been ne right. to hp,ou can get fre one--one tax advic if you have a question, just cal or dannline ch wi onef . eguare th all turbotax calculationare acce man: goturbotax.c.
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this morning on the grio's 100, the sweet taste of success. the grio is an nbc news website that focuses on the african-american perspective. alisha hatcher has come up with a cool one-of-the-kind marketing plan, that secures her on the prestigious list of notable african-americans. >> i love to smile. i'm always joking around. we like interjected that into everything that we do. >> smiles and popsicles, a logical match. but for ice cream maker alisha hatcher, it wasn't always peaches and cream. after working for years, she and her husband were laid off. >> i got the axe in 2008, it was the worst time to start a business, but i said, hey, why
9:47 am
not. i had this crazy idea i got after chasing an eye cream truck in heels. >> that's how it started? >> oh yeah. it was pretty embarrassing. >> and so like, hey, i want to do something that's always going to make me smile and that's always going to make other people smile and that's where we really first started. >> so she bought two ice cream carts on craigslist and started feverish, selling popsicles to grown-ups. >> we weren't going after kids and driving around the neighborhood, we were setting up and weddings or in front of nightclubs or fashion events. that was our big vision. >> a vision that three years later landed felicia at the white house, honored as a young entrepreneur. now she's passing on her knowledge to the next generation. >> we work with about 20 girls, we donated one of our ice cream carts to them. they pick strawberries, make their own popsicles and sell them. >> what do you tell people who are watching that have a good idea, but not sure wear to start. >> start with what you know. that's the best advice i can
9:48 am
give you. it's a lot of trial and error, you have to embrace that. >> as for the flavors, there's trials, errors and a little help from her friends. >> a lot of time people suggesting flavors to us. sometimes they're crazy, like chocolate wasabi. >> after all that talk of popsicles, it's time to get busy. cold, hard research. >> mmm, it's like those -- mmm. it's really interesting. >> it's great when you don't have words. mmm. >> the flavor is amazing. it's different, i love it. for "today," nbc news, miami. impressive that she could keep doing that with that brain freeze. coming up next, now that we've tempted you with dessert. we're onto the main course in today's kitchen with two light chicken recipes.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
thnchts morning in today's kitchen, what's for dinner? two new approaches to an old favorite. chicken and vegetables, shay glant is here with two healthy and delicious recipes, good morning to you. let's start with the marinade. >> just a little bit of a twist to a regular, old american dish, grilled chicken, everybody has it, everybody loves it we take half a lemon and leave everything intact. just want to remove the seeds. a little rosemary and garlic. peeled garlic. a little bit of sugar and a little bit of salt. of course, some olive oil. >> how much olive oil? >> the recipe is on the website, more or less, it will get kind of pasty sore the olive oil will dilute the marinade a little bit. it's no fuss. >> you just pulse it. >> you pulse it, chop it, it
9:52 am
looks like a rough chop, it looks oily. can you marinade it for three hours in the refrigerator. >> i notice you leave the skin on. >> it adds flavor when it's cooking. >> you can marinate it overnight and put on the grill pan. >> you can do it on an outside grill. you don't want the heat too high and i'll tell you why. there's a little bit of sugar into the marinade. don't be afraid to carmelize it. but you don't want to have it, you want to get the color and get the carmelization and get the cooking. it will get a little bit dark. so you want to temper the heat a little bit. >> this looks like a cast iron grill pan. any particular reason you chose that? >> it conducts heat better and imparts the flavor a little better. >> this is our finished product. >> to grill it, how long are you looking at for that? >> on the outside grill, probably going to take four to five minutes on each side. in the home you can get away with marking it three minutes on each side and pop it in the oven
9:53 am
for a quick grill. >> cheat a little bit. so you're done here? >> these are the finished chicken breasts, cooked all the way through. good carmelization, flavor. we'll make the salad quickly. since we're having a warm winter, we're going to do a winter salad. >> something has to be wintry. >> this is just kale. and it's just chopped fine. >> is there something different about tuscan kale, versus kale-kale? >> i think it has a sweeter flavor and it's not as fibrous or it doesn't have so much of a minerally taste to it. it's tuscan kale, chopped up. some anjou pears that have been sliced up and onion and sliced pecorino. i dress the outside of the salad, because if you dress the middle, things seem to get saturated. >> i notice you didn't pres to it you put the dressing on and
9:54 am
then toss it. >> you want to evenly coat everything. >> you can go crazy on the salad dressing. you don't have a heavy power. like some people i know. >> i wouldn't be a good bartender. >> we plate a little bit of salad. pop the chicken off. >> and you know, very simply, just -- >> big chunks you're cutting. >> thick or as little as you want. if you want, you can go back and get a little more dressing, garnish with pine nuts. >> and the vegetables, big finish here. >> vegetables, nobody wants to spend a lot of time preparing things these days. it's a lot of good, small vegetables. >> gather round, family. meredith is here, yay! >> steaming vegetables. >> cooking them in an envelope. >> what do you have in there, what kind of vegetables? >> we have some fennel, some chipotle onions, carrots, beets,
9:55 am
driey ied figs for sweetness an vinegar and olive oil. >> you know nothing about cooking, right? >> why do you say that? where did you get that idea? how did i do, chef? >> great. >> what's he going to say, really? >> meredith vieira will be on hoda and kathie lee coming up. >> thank you so much for coming. more with meredith, after the break.
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning, everyone. it is 9:57 on this thursday, february 2. groundhog day. i'm barbara harrison. let's check in right now with meteorologist tom kierein to find out what kind of day we are going to have here in washington. >> we still have rain. it is going to be raining in the metro area for about another hour by 11:00 it should be pretty much pulling east. we are getting moderate to heavy downpours northern neck of virginia. area of red and orange on the radar. moving into st. mary's county and heading east across the lower part of the bay.
9:58 am
chilly morning. we are in the 40s now to near 50 degrees. but later today we will get sunshine and should warm us into the 50s and by later this afternoon. and then overnight tonight, we will have it getting colder and we will be down to near 30 degrees by dawn tomorrow. and then chilly weather friday into the weekend. how is traffic? >> good morning. traveling in the district around the u.s. capitol building you can expected some of your streets to be closed due to suspicious package and be aware of that around independence a and constitution, even maryland avenue. avoid the area if possible. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, danella. coming up on "news4 midday," steve hayes shows us how steve hayes shows us how swimming can get new good shape.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. hoda and i say hey, it's thirst day thursday. second day of february. also -- >> groundhog day in case you didn't know. >> did he see his shadow? >> he did, and that means we have six more weeks of winter. look at this party. >> what's that guy on? >> this is punxsutawney where they all go cuckoo. >> they live for this day. that's as excited as he's going to be all year long.
10:01 am
>> look at the crowd. >> look at that. anyway, six more weeks of the winter we've been having is fine. absolutely. celebrate groundhog day arrived first thing this morning in my dressing room. a little italy pizza from spider-man's kathie lee and hoda, when you give me pizza, i don't care, courtesy of your friends at spider-man turn off the dark. here, hoda. i was bringing it upstairs. so sad. so sad. but i thought you might like the box. >> thank you. >> yes. >> yes. so we had, speaking of food, a big lunch yesterday. >> we did. >> michael's restaurant. a big kind of new york giants pep rally. >> a sendoff. >> hosted by harvey weinstein. >> love him. >> steve tibbs. >> co-owner of the team. >> matt lauer was there. and just paging through -- >> john mcenroe and brian williams. >> paging through the paper and
10:02 am
who do we see in the "daily news" but you and your old boyfriend. >> they're trying to start some trouble there for us. you know if you sit with rege, and you were at our table, frank was at our table, if you're at a table with regis, there is a lot of yelling going on. >> yelling while the speakers are speaking. >> smore entertaining than anything that's going on. one of the reporters -- frank -- that was him, he was there and he asked regis, hey, you were just on the show and so i guess we're going to see more of you. what did regis say? >> i can can't read it anymore. he said, we're talking. we're talking. >> the way regis says it -- >> we're talking. but there were lots of people there. you saw everybody from piers morgan -- they gave out cookies. they were a hit. >> tell them what happened to regis. >> he jammed that cookie into his suit pocket and he was looking for the ticket to his coat and he couldn't find it. he was upset.
10:03 am
so he busted in the coat room himself, like, i'm going to find my own coat, put it on, leaving, joy goes, that's not your coat. he goes what? he's digging back in his pocket. >> putting on his scarf. >> he pulls out that giant cookie all the icing globed on. i was, like, i love him. it was really -- >> speaking of the super bowl, everybody is talking about it, the other day we were, i mean, muzzled about this. we weren't allowed to say a word. >> but we are today. >> but we are today. we shot not a commercial but a promo for nbc. they're going to have the biggest audience in the world on sunday. >> yeah. >> so we ran into some old, shall we say, friends. >> friends are in quotes. it was the cast of "saturday night live." >> mm-hmm. >> and the cast of the "today" show and some other folks. and these were the two people who were known to play -- >> us. >> on "saturday night live." and persaud is the o next to
10:04 am
me, small and tiny, so adorable. i feel bad for her because she's going to be fired soon probably. they always do. the person who plays hoda loses their job. i think we should go out on a crusade for her. she's adorable and does a great job. don't fire her. she's adorable. kristin weekes, go ahead. just kidding. she just got nominated for an academy award. i said congratulations, not deserved at all, nonetheless, congratulations. she's a doll. so talented. >> front page of "the new york post" today, look, this is giants country, as you can only mabl imagine, so on the front is tom brady's girl, giselle, written an e-mail to her friends and family. >> meant to be private. >> somebody leaked it. someone's not such a great friend. >> or family member. >> the quote -- "my sweet friends and family, i feel tommy really needs our prayer, our support and love at this time.
10:05 am
join me and pray for him. envision him happy and fulfilled experiencing with his team a victory this sunday," love g. >> okay. she was reached via e-mail, said surprised you got this, it was a private message, only sent to close friends and family. again, you never want these kinds of things -- if you know her, you know the tone in which it was sent. if you don't, it seems bothersome on a couple different levels. >> yes. >> one, i'm a big believer in prayer, but i don't believe in praying to win. >> right. >> i believe pray for safety, pray that everybody does well, those kinds of things. but we discovered over the years that god usually prefers the team that has the finest personnel. >> right. >> from the giants' chaplain years ago. but the other thing, i think of it as a wife of a professional football player. i don't think -- frank would have been very upset if that had come out. >> right. >> not because people -- she was asking for prayer, i was asking
10:06 am
for prayer, but because it makes him seem weak. >> yes. >> and these guys are putting on their warrior faces to go out there. >> yeah. >> and so much of the game is psychological. sure you got to go out there and physically battle it out. but he wants everybody to be afraid of him out on the field. not praying for him so they don't feel confident. >> yeah. >> so i don't know. but i understand her wanting her husband to do well. >> i think it's crummy whoever leaked it, quite frankly. you know you're sending that to your inner circle. >> really not nice. >> super bowl ads, i tweeted this morning and asked you guys if you like the fact that all these super bowl ads are being released early. >> not leaked. they are purposefully put out there. >> most people said they wanted to watch the game and be surprised because there's nothing more fun than going, oh, my gosh, i love this one. however, we'll show you another one. >> hoda loves this one. >> these are some of them. let's just watch it. >> ah!
10:07 am
whooo! >> i can't believe you got -- >> ah! >> marry you right now. >> marry me right now. >> best gift ever! best gift ever! best gift ever! hey! he stole my car! >> all right. better than the jcpenney one yesterday, i'll give you that. >> the refrigerator was his gift. >> we should have explained that. >> all right. this is another thing we haven't been able to get to for the longest time. pammy, our producer, loves this. this is called footprint art. you can use your child's foot or handprint to create a work of art. go to for more info. very sweet. >> she's quite pregnant, if you know what i mean. extremely. >> why do we have to pay because she had sex?
10:08 am
honestly. why do all of us have to pay for that one moment of weakness. >> that is not fair. you know who's so excited? meredith vieira in our house. we're so happy she came back just to see -- what was that? >> what is this? >> an old, old, old picture. >> she's looking at you here. >> yes. >> look at you here? >> we belong everywhere, mer di. >> a mug, too, so i can get the whole -- >> you think that's self-indulge self-indulgent? >> a little ego. and hoda very virginal here compared to -- >> meredith, things have changed since you left the show. >> they absolutely have. the truth has emerged. >> we'll hook um with meredith. she's got so much going on. one of our favorite people in the world. >> we're going to play a little music. this one -- we're going a little old school kind of. it's nick cannon. we know nick cannon. >> that's not that old school. >> whatever. it's old school to me.
10:09 am
it's called "gigolo." ready? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> why are the worst songs the longest? honestly. the longest. they go on forever. >> on the treadmill. >> did you just say vick demoan? that's what i was going to say. that's old school. that's old school and i prefer it. have you ever heard him sing? >> no. >> we are going to get you
10:10 am
some -- get me some of that. all right? you're killing me. >> it's time for "okay or not okay." >> this is a short one. >> these are really good. >> is it okay to fatten up your valentine with candy? >> i said duh. the shortest one ever. >> i know. what did i say? of course it's okay. not just on valentine's day but any day. >> we love okay, but give us something to sink our teeth into, please. okay? next time around. >> all right. so we have an engagement contest where we want you to send in your great engagement stories and sara wants to talk about it. >> yes, i do. meredith made me laugh. don't forget our engagement story ends together, whether you're married or engaged, if you think you have the most romantic original story, go to
10:11 am round-trip air fare for two, two spa treatments, dinner at a restaurant. all provided by laguna. >> this song i love. >> this is a song. ♪ i feel like i am close enough to you ♪ >> a shoutout to joy bauer, who is going to be jumping rope. >> from 10:00 to 10:59. she's going to jump all the way through. >> no breaks. >> because we reached her goal of 25,000 pounds. >> over it by a thousand, i think. on monday that's happening. >> all righty. up next, our girlfriend meredith is going to join us. are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie. 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty. new ocean spray cherry juice drinks, like cran-cherry, made with sweet cherries
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10:14 am
a snack that loves you back. what will you gain when you lose? ♪ ...skips a beat for five long years meredith was with us here attitude today and co-anchored with matt before she signed off last june and broke all our hearts. but when she made a surprise appearance during a show in october, we barry reely recogni
10:15 am
her. >> yes, that is me. >> okay. and you and the dogs and the wig. >> oh, yeah. >> it was a great moment, all right. so what we love more than anything is when meredith comes back to visit. >> you do? >> we do. >> we kid around a lot but we love you. >> love. >> more than that, we're so proud of what you're doing. >> thank you. >> took time off to be with your family, which is the most valuable thing you can ever have, right? >> it was great. this summer i was able to spend a lot of time on cape cod, which is where richard's parents have a home. >> his dad passed. >> his mom turns 90 this weekend and we were able to spend every day with her. people go, your mother-in-law? but i love her. and you'll never get that time back. if for no other reason -- there she is. >> that's a beautiful shot. when children were young and nice. >> they all turned out horribly. >> when you wake up these days,
10:16 am
how do your days unfold? >> really not your business, is it? >> no, it really isn't. >> sometimes i wake up at 6:00, sometimes i wake up at 5:00, sometimes at 10 cr:010:00. >> do you ever think about matt, ann, natalie all getting up so early? >> yes. i miss them. i really do. but when i'm here -- >> you have lunch with them. >> exactly. exactly. it was great and i had a wonderful five years and now it's time to wise up. >> exactly. >> and you've been producing. >> yes, you have, busy girl. >> i have. we have a company called, well, meredith vieira productions. so strange. where's the mouse pad? >> we didn't have that. >> and guess what? we don't get paid one cent on that, which bothers me a lot. >> my company doesn't make any money either. >> you're producing. tell us about the movie. >> we have a movie that -- actually it premiered in cannes last year and it was selected because first-time director liza johnson was wonderful, and it
10:17 am
was just screened at momo, which we're proud of. a film about linda cartellini, from "e.r." you'll see a side of her you've never seen. it is about a woman who returns -- she's a member of the national guard. she returns from either iraq or afghanistan, you don't know where, because that's really not the point. >> doesn't matter. >> she comes home to the midwest, tries to reconnect with her life and -- >> and the way it used to be. >> the way it used to be and it's not. it's not necessarily because everyone around her has changed, although some have, but she has. >> she has. >> internally. she's trying to, you know, bridge that disassociation. >> a story that hasn't been told about -- i mean, we hear about women going to war, but that's sort of trying to come back and assimilate again, you don't see much of that. >> there's a subtlety. the movies we see are usually
10:18 am
based on men who have gone to war and flashbacks, terrible scenes, and you can appreciate why they're troubled. but she says in the movie, friends say what happened there? what's the matter? she says nothing compared to others. i had it easy. that's the experience of so many who come back. it's not that they were in the midst of car bombings -- >> we see women on the wounded warriors -- >> exactly. >> interesting. >> emotionally. sure. >> what's happening? >> i'm doing -- you want that job? that's taken. >> she wants everything you have. >> i know she does. >> always has. >> we shoot that between august and november, which is great. it continues to play, but the season is short. >> ka-ching. >> so after the morning routine, what do you do all day now that you're not working? we're all envious. this is the thing. what do you do many. >> i'm happy for you. >> are you? >> i am. >> yeah, you're drunk. >> i am. i'm on my cleanse and i'm looking at this and dying. i'm doing a lot more for the
10:19 am
production. it started with rock center, too. >> you've got a piece coming up. >> coming up next wednesday, yes, when we move to our new time slot, wednesday at 9:00. it's actually this woman mimi beardsley offered, wrote a book about her affair with jfk, an 18-month affair that started when she was 19 years old and an intern at the white house. it is an incredible story. >> and she knew -- have we ever heard her story before? >> she was outed in 2003, which i didn't remember. >> i don't remember that. >> robert dallas, a wonderful historian, wrote a book about jfk and through his research he heard about this person, only knew the name mimi, wrote 37 words about her, and that did it. everybody got a tremendous amount of attention, and they wanted to find out who she was. one of the local papers did find the last name. when she was outed, she gave written statement and that was it and disappeared. through the course of these next
10:20 am
several years, she decided, you know what, this is my story, i have to tell my own story. >> the secret was killing her. >> fascinating. >> it is and a little shocking, too. parts you'll find disturbing. >> that's what she did. >> your cleanse, real quick. what are you not eating? >> everything that matters. >> you don't eat sugar, starch, no alcohol -- >> oh. >> and she chooses to do this during super bowl. >> well, i have to do it because i ate so much during the holidays and i drank a lot. you feel better. but when you count the days down to when you can start getting liquored up again, that's not a good sign. that means that you haven't learned -- you haven't appreciated what the cleanse is supposed the teach you. >> you haven't been on the cleanse long enough. >> exactly. >> we love you. >> so proud of you. >> thank you. >> get more meredith. everybody can wednesday at rock center. >> up next, punxsutawney phil
10:21 am
had some company. six more weeks. >> this is lovely. >> 60 degrees. a long term struggle needs long term relief. eucerin calming creme. used every day, its triple ingredient formula is clinically proven to relieve dry, itchy skin, with 92% of people reporting improved overall skin condition over time. eucerin calming creme. and the gentle cleansing formula of calming body wash. calm, healthy skin starts with eucerin. that's how it is with alzheimer's disease. she needs help from me. and her medication. the exelon patch -- it releases medication continuously
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10:23 am
old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. its smooth taste spreads across your bread's delicate surface. while melting into those creamy mashed potatoes... bringing a rich, warm tenderness to your peas. ohhh! it's i can't believe it's not butter! fresh butter taste with 70% less saturated fat than butter go ahead. cheat on butter. you naughty thing. ♪ all i zo is win >> we're back with "webcast." a video that will have everybody getting thin. >> and super bowl iii days away and fans eagerly awaiting the kickoff. >> you don't have to be a human to be a fan. you're about to meet teddy bear, a porcupine from the wildlife
10:24 am
education company that has a super bowl prediction. check this out. >> okay, teddy. time to tell everybody who's going to win super bowl xlvi. is it going to be the giants or the patriots? looks like it's the new york giants according to teddy. >> teddy. >> she's actually a native texan so -- >> what do you think? >> not a cowboys guy. >> his team ain't in the game. >> that's not even a bite. >> look at his tooth. >> he was an orphan so he's now putting his -- i mean, he's been saved and rescued and doing things like predicting super bowls. >> how accurate has he been in the past? >> about as accurate as punxsutawney phil. >> still to come, if you have a habit you want to kick -- >> no. >> -- we'll help you put the kibosh on it. >> and everyone has a story.
10:25 am
the one you'll hear today started with a game of tag. almay smart shade makeup it's hard to choose foundation
10:26 am
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♪ a hard habit to break >> we are back with more on this thirst day thursday with ways to break those bad habits you have and have been trying for years. biting your nails, swearing, there's still hope. >> leslie jane seymour, "more" magazine's editor in chief along with rebecca gladding co-author of "you are not your brain." taking control of your life. >> hello, ladies. >> so of us try, we bite our nails or crack our knuckles and fail at trying to correct it. what's wrong? >> a bridge too far. you go for everything. you want to finish it that one time, new year's resolution,
10:31 am
never doing it again. you have to say, okay, maybe i'm never going to not eat a french fry again, i'm just not ordering the supersize. >> hoda is unable to do. >> when it comes to food -- >> french fries in particular. >> in particular. you're right. >> small steps. baby steps that you can actually accomplish. >> but sometimes -- isn't it trouble sometimes you've been doing it forever? i have friends with very short nails so they bite them. >> ratty. ratty. >> ratty. anyway, they've done it for so many years, the idea of unringing that bell sounds hard. >> absolutely. it's rooted in the brain. the more we do the same behavior over and over the stronger it gets in the brain and harder to break. >> but we're born with our brain. the brain god gave us. >> by focusing our attention different ways. the more you do a new habit, a healthy habit, that gets ingrained in your brain and what your brain does when you're stressed out. >> she's going to like a carrot better than a french fry? >> no.
10:32 am
no. >> but she'll go to it if she teaches her brain that's sha what she wants to do. >> i heard it takes 30 days to change a pattern but 90 days to actually stop a habit, which is really long when you think about it. you really have to -- >> not for meredith on the cleanse. >> you have to stay at it far long time. >> it's effort and attention. what it's about is changing the brain pathways. the more it's tied to an emotional trigger, the harder it is to change. >> you have to identify what the trigger is. >> exactly. find the trigger. i was going to say for you guys, the hypothetical, you might have a friend with whom you party too much or drink too much, not saying anybody, but you might not want to see her every day but one day a week. >> we have to see each other every day. >> exactly. >> is a lot of it who you are around? say you're quitting smoking but a friend of yours smokes. >> impossible. when they pull out a cigarette, it's impossible for you to stop. >> you're not going to give up
10:33 am
your friendship. >> you might have to power down some of those friendships far while and find some new things, find people with better habits that can be part of it. i've got a wonderful trigger. i carry this because i have a terrible habit of biting my lip a lot and it's so unconscious that i can't stop. the only thing -- >> pain? >> a little pain. very minor. this is a hair scrunchy. and this one -- >> not bad. you bite the inside of your mouth -- >> it's a habit. i don't even know i'm doing it. >> you're snapping that? >> i'm snapping this like that. it just wakes me up because i don't even know that i'm doing it because it's actually a dangerous habit to have. this one's a fancy one. >> i think sometimes when i'm bored, like i'll do a lot of those things, like i'll have the whole bag of doritos because i'm sitting in front of the tv and "law and order" is on. if i had something to do -- >> get away from the doritos,
10:34 am
hoda. >> don't have it in the house. >> why? i like it in the house. >> that's her answer to everything in life. order. >> order a milky way. >> one. >> for delivery. >> when we talk about our brains being hardwired, can you really kind of undo that sort of thing truly? >> you can. >> you said 60 days, 90 days. >> well, you absolutely can. i mean, what you have to do is engage the frontal cortex part of your brain rather than the -- >> how do you do that? >> you pay attention. just like with your rubber band -- >> that's what it's doing, right? >> the point is it's giving you a focus of attention so you stop whatever the bad beshaver and start doing the new one. but you've got to teach yourself do it. just like if you're learning to ride a bike. you have to think about learning how to ride the bike first. once you've learned how to ride the bike, it's automatic. that's that habit center. >> and buddy system is so
10:35 am
important. somebody who will help you. >> if you're biting your nail, they'll put your hand on you. >> go after them. >> down to the quick. >> get involved. get involved. >> but that's good. even a spouse -- my husband and i remind each other when we're doing something bad. we're like -- because you don't even know you're doing it. >> not that kind of bad. >> oh. the bad habits. >> oh, i thought you were talking about something else. lady, thank you. up next, everyone has a story. an inspiring story. one young woman. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what if we could keep enough plastic waste to fill over 200 garbage trucks out of landfills each year? ♪ 6.5 million pounds of plastic, gone. by using new glad trash bags, designed with reinforcing bands to be stronger with less plastic waste,
10:36 am
we can. ♪ it's a small change that can make a big difference. ♪ what a bargain!
10:37 am
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10:38 am
like our chocolate mousse. our new three course italian dinner, just $12.95. try it tonight at your olive garden when you're here, you're family.
10:39 am
♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life ♪ >> it is time to meet our newest "everyone has a story" contest winner, caitlin. she wrote us to tell her about her struggle with epilepsy and the freak accident that caused it just entering adolescence. >> we'll meet her in a moment, but first listen to her story. >> my name is caitlin and i have epilepsy. so many people picture those who live with epilepsy and suffer from seizure disorders as appearing to shake, fall on the floor and lose control during the episodes. my story is very different. when i was in seventh grade, i hit my head on a garage door playing tag, put some ice on it and felt nothing of the injury. the next day, though, i don't remember more than blurry
10:40 am
images. i had gone through most of my day at school with little recollection. thanks to the knowledge of the school nurse, i was take on the hospital by ambulance. i had gone into what doctor's called absence status, and my parents were told i had a seizure but would return to the same child i was before the incident. most people who have absence seizures have seizures that last up to one minute. my seizures lasted eight hours the first time and six hours the second. working with people in pittsburgh, i was able to be off members of the jury case medication for a year and a half. my senior year was horrible. i had my wisdom teeth taken out. i had a seizure six days later. it had taken twice the amount of the medication to pull me out than it should have because the doctors had never seen something like my episode. i went to college in my hometown and worked for the epilepsy foundation as a regional coordinator before deciding to
10:41 am
go back and earn my mba. many people don't believe that i have epilepsy but that's why my life's mission is to break the stig that around epilepsy and seizure disorders. >> she is with us here today and her mom, jill. i didn't realize when i read the letter that that -- that epilepsy could be caused that way. that's part of the problem, isn't it. the stigma of it. >> people have all different kinds of things they think about it. i was actually predisposed, i learned years later of having epilepsy and the head trauma from falling and hitting it on the garage door is what triggered it, yes. >> okay. wow. that was fascinating. the whole idea about going through a full day at school. >> yeah. >> what was that like? just blurry images? >> i only remember a few spots. i remember going to a class. i remember going to my student council meeting. but i don't remember anything else that -- my body knew what to do.
10:42 am
i knew what to do, but when my sister said you're not talking, there's something wrong with you. >> you were blelszed enough -- yeah, but she was blessed on both occasions to have somebody around her who knew something was not quite right. so the first nurse who got you -- >> she knew before the emergency room doctor knew. she said i'm sending in a child who's having a seizure. they did a drug screen and all kinds of things before pulling her out and treating her. >> did you wonder at that point if she would be able to drive and have a normal life? >> i was worried she would never be able to talk back to me again. they're saying we're not guaranteeing she will walk or talk to you. >> wow. >> so you will be on medication for the rest of your life. >> yes. >> you said to me a few moments ago -- >> i said i'm thankful for medication. really. >> yeah. >> ended up working for the epilepsy foundation. i think when people don't get it, they just see someone flailing arnold on the floor and
10:43 am
don't know what to do. you want to shed some light on it. >> definitely. as team captain for the national walk, i want to open an office in my hometown. i really just want to spread the word and make people feel comfortable about having epilepsy because it's a process. >> and you can live with it. >> you can. >> and some cute guys in that video. a lot of partying going on, too, we learned. >> yes. >> mom knew. >> up next, a special performance for kaitlin courtesy of greg edelman. everyone loves surprise parties.
10:44 am
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♪ everyone has a moment >> we are back with "everyone has a story" and kaitlin sl with us. after she bumped her head playing tag -- mom, jill, also with us. >> time for you to hear the story that david and i wrote just for you, called "shee's a warrior."
10:48 am
hear to sing it, broadway performer, great guy, gregg edelman. ♪ to look at her you'd think she's as normal as apple pie ♪ ♪ pretty as a picture bright as the sun in the sky ♪ ♪ listen to her speaking she's young, she's problem free when you get to know her ♪ ♪ you find you are wrong and how wrong can be she's a warrior ♪ ♪ a dreamer of dreams a climber of mountains a forder of strong ♪ ♪ steady streams she's a woman a silent spring rain ♪ ♪ the wisdom that only comes from struggles and suffering and pain ♪ ♪ to meet her you would know
10:49 am
it surely must be true there's nothing she can't conquer ♪ ♪ absolutely nothing she can't do to speak with her ♪ ♪ you'd sense she's as sure as she can be she can make a difference ♪ ♪ and she will make it wholeheartedly because she's a warrior ♪ ♪ a dreamer of dreams a climber of mountains ♪ ♪ a forder of strong steady streams she's a woman ♪ ♪ a silent spring rain the wisdom that only comes from struggle ♪ ♪ and suffering and pain and the things that she's endured ♪ ♪ all the trials she's been through have served to make her surer ♪ ♪ of what she was meant to do now she spends her time ♪ ♪ each and every day
10:50 am
inspiring like herself and showing them ♪ ♪ the way she's a warrior a dreamer of dreams ♪ ♪ a climber of mountains a forder of strong steady streams ♪ ♪ she's a woman a silent spring rain the wisdom that only ♪ ♪ comes from struggle and suffering and pain she has the scars ♪ ♪ to reach the stars and she will for she's ♪ ♪ a warrior a warrior ♪ >> yeah! good job! >> whooo!
10:51 am
>> awesome, gregg! awesome. everybody was crying. you got 'em all. when we come back, another surprise. but first, this is today.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
we're back honoring a special woman. >> gregg edelman just performed "she's a warrior" for kaitlyn and her mom. composer freedman. >> what did you think of your song? >> it was beautiful. it was wonderful. >> she's this tiny, little petite package and so pretty and people don't know her story. no play on words. but they don't know what she's been through and the electrodes and not going to parties and not being able to drive. so it was perfect. >> gregg, perfect singing. >> four-time tony nominee. did i say that? four times. got robbed.
10:55 am
>> we have a little surprise for you. >> we do. >> you are going to go to this wonderful place. it's called bay resort on the island of st. croix u.s. virgin islands, a week-long trip for you and your mom, roundtrip air fare, all the meals. look at that gorgeous stand. >> thank you so much. >> have some fun. >> proud you're using whatever happened to you to make the world a better place for other people. gregg, what's next for you, baby? >> oh, my gosh. the week of valentine's day i'll be at the mary mount club sing mig heart out. >> amazing performer. david? >> on tnt and lots of advertising, janet jackson. >> her nutrisystem ads, right? mr. hollywood. >> very famous. >> david? >> the book looks like it's gone number one on amazon. interesting. >> you owe me so much.
10:56 am
>> i owe you everything. documentary coming out on the 15th of march. it will be in theaters. >> how many languages is your book in now? >> one but they're talking about six. korea, china. >> it needs to be estonian. >> i would be fine with that. >> what's going on with you? >> i got nothing going on. i'm with you. don't forget it. >> that's right. we have our ambush makeover, a celebrity event planner who will show us -- >> so adorable. >> go do something special for somebody else today. okay? see you tomorrow.
10:57 am
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